ANU College of Engineering & Computer Science International Undergraduate Scholarship, Australia

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There shall be up to ten scholarships available for award to international students who achieve outstanding final school results equivalent to a UAI of 99+, or outstanding results in an approved diploma program, enrolling in Undergraduate programs offered by the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

The Scholarships are offered on the basis of offer of a place in the Bachelor Degree programs offered by the College of Engineering and Computer Science and other criteria as set out from time to time by the Prescribed Authority.

The Scholarship is offered on the condition that the recipient is admitted to and continues to pursue a full-time undergraduate program of study at this University and in a program offered by the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

The scholar may enrol in a combined program and retain the Scholarship.

Concurrent holding of other Scholarships/Awards
A scholar may not hold concurrently another scholarship awarded by the University or another University College.

A scholar must obtain permission from the College Coursework Scholarship Committee to hold any other scholarship or award concurrently with a College of Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate Scholarship.

It is anticipated that CECS Undergraduate International Scholarship holders may be requested to participate in publicity of the Scholarship scheme from time to time. This may include publicity in the country of citizenship or various University publications. A scholar may be contacted for an interview and photograph. The University may also publicise the Scheme by publishing the names of the scholars. Arrangements for such publicity will be made through the Marketing and Communications Division of the University.

The Scholarship commences from the first day of the first teaching period in first semester in the academic year for which it is offered, unless otherwise stated in the letter of offer or approved by the College Coursework Scholarship Committee.

The Scholarship is tenable for two years, subject to satisfactory academic progress and continued enrolment in a program offered by the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

A scholar is expected to be in attendance at the University at the commencement of the first teaching period and to remain in full-time enrolment during the University teaching periods or semesters. If a scholar is absent from the University through illness or for any other reason it is essential approval must be sought and obtained from the College for ‘program leave’ from the Program. The College Coursework Scholarship Committee must also be notified and, where relevant, approval for suspension of the Scholarship sought from the Committee.

Level of Performance
If a scholar fails to maintain a distinction average in the program of study, the Scholarship will normally be rescinded.

The Scholarship normally terminates at the conclusion of the 2nd year of the program of study for which it has been awarded or on the date on which the scholar ceases to attend the University other than for approved absences, whichever is the earlier. The University may terminate the Scholarship before this time if the scholar does not fulfil her/his obligations or if the scholar is not permitted to remain in the program.

The Scholarship stipend is $10,000, payable in equal instalments of $2,500 at the beginning of each semester for two years.

Scholars are required to meet all costs associated with their studies including travel, accommodation, books and incidental expenses.

The scholar is responsible for paying International Tuition fees for the duration of the program.

It is the scholar’s responsibility to obtain residential accommodation. Information on student accommodation and application forms are available from the University Accommodation Services. Information may also be found on the Web at:

Online form available on the College website

Closing date
Semester One 2013 (February) applicants: 30 November 2012

Contact with the College Coursework Scholarship Committee should be made in writing to the Faculty Office, College of Engineering and Computer Science, Ian Ross Building 31.

Telephone (02) 6125 0677. Email:

For more information, please visit official website:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

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