Arts, Culture and Environment Scholarships, University of Edinburgh, UK

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The School of Arts, Culture and Environment is offering scholarships for applicants beginning programmes of study leading to the award of a research degree (PhD, MPhil and MSc by Research) in September 2011.


  • Scholarship of £5,000 available for one year.
  • Scholarship of £5,000 per annum over three years available for study leading to the award of PhD.

Prospective students who have applied for a place in the University of Edinburgh in the fields of Architecture, History of Art, Music and Cultural Studies are eligible for these awards on submission of a complete postgraduate application. Please note that references are required specific to this application.

Selection criteria will be based on excellence of your research proposal and indications of ability to complete the programmes of research within the prescribed period.

Completed application forms must be received by the University no later than 15 April 2011.

Candidates should complete an online scholarship application.

Please note that you will not be able to access the online application form unless you have applied for admission to the University of Edinburgh and have full EASE authentication.

Postgraduate Research Scholarship Online Application

Selection Procedure
A Selection Committee will meet shortly after the deadline for applications to select the scholarship holders. The winners of the scholarships will be announced in May 2011.

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