ASEAN-Korean Youths Asian Cross-Cultural Exploration (ACCE) Camp Programme

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Asian Cross-Cultural Exploration (ACCE) Programme is a project between the ASEAN University Network and Multicultural Education and Research Institute (MERI), Yeungnam University. The programme intends to promote the exchanges and mutual understanding of ASEAN-Korean youths, and establish an on-line cultural community. This programme is composed of 2 sub-programmes. The first sub-programme is what can be called the ASEAN-Korean youths’ Asian Cross-Cultural Exploration (ACCE) Programme. This programme invites youths of ASEAN countries to the Republic of Korea (ROK), giving them an opportunity to exchange and reciprocate with youths of Korea. They will have the opportunity to explore the culture of Asia (music and art culture), to experience cultural diversity in this region, and to search for the possibility of creative harmony of Asian culture.

The second sub-programme attempts to establish an on-line ASEAN-Korean cultural community by making the best use of youths who participate in the ACCE Programme.

Thus, it is expected that this programme will contribute in its own way to the creation of East Asian community, particularly the socio-cultural pillar of the community, by enhancing the mutual understanding and awareness among the young peoples of ASEAN countries and Korea of each other’s culture.

Programme Description

  • Overall theme: “The Colour and Sound of Asia”
  • Programme type: A youth camp to promote the communication and cooperation among the participating youths of ASEAN and Korea and to encourage mutual understanding among them of their music and fine arts
  • Date: 11-18 January 2012
  • Venue: City of Daegu and its vicinity in Korea

Programme Components

  • Special lectures of invited professional experts (in the areas of music and art) or visits to local professional institutions specialized in music or art
  • The presentation by ASEAN Secretariat on ASEAN-ROK Dialogue Relations and its relevance to ASEAN-ROK Youth Cooperation
  • The provision of information by ASEAN Secretariat about ASEAN-ROK cooperation in the Education sector in particular, which will help publicize efforts being taken by ASED and SOM-ED in regional cooperation in Education
  • Team activities and team workshops
  • Joint teamwork projects: The results will be presented in the form of a joint concert or instrumental performance

Eligible Students

  • Age between 17-24
  • Have English Proficiency at least in communication level and be familiar with music or art terms
  • Study in music or art majors or be knowledgeable in said areas
  • Preference to be given to the students who had an experience on music or arts activities.

Application Documents

  1. Completed ACCE Application Form with a passport size photograph attached (download)
  2. Academic Transcript in English
  3. Curriculum Vitae in English
  4. 2 (two) 35×45mm photographs
  5. A copy of passport
  6. TOEFL or other language certificates
  7. Applicant Assesment form (download)

Documents Submission
Submit 2 (two) copies of your application packages to OIA UGM no later than Monday, November 14th 11.30AM.

Office of International Affairs
Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia
Office of International Affairs
Universitas Gadjah Mada
Phone : (62-274) 563974
Fax : (62-274) 552810
E-mail :

10 comments on “ASEAN-Korean Youths Asian Cross-Cultural Exploration (ACCE) Camp Programme

  1. I’ve already download the ACCE Application Form,but it can’t be open.Do you have another form in pdf or others?thank you

  2. Hello all,

    I’m interesting with this program, cause i love art, especially in vocal and musical instrument, though i didnt take any art major.

    Things i wanna know wether would we be granted the fees, i mean nothing be charged or we have to pay all the fees on our own?


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