Astra 1st Scholarships, PT Astra International Tbk, Indonesia

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PT Astra International TbkASTRA 1ST DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM 2013
Date : 11/03/2013 - 18/04/2013

Since early 1974, Astra has been concerned with the education sector in Indonesia, and as many as 134.056 scholarship program has been issued by Astra.

As a concrete manifestation of Astra concern to the Indonesia’s education sector and Astra Roadmap strategy, namely: Portfolio, People & Public Contribution. Then in every second semester in each year, Astra gives scholarships and mentoring program for 1 year in developing technical competencies and non-technical or soft competencies.

The grantee will attend a series of activities such as :

  • Comprehensive personality development program
  • Donation for study 5 million IDR / semester
  • Learning opportunities in Astra Group
  • 5 million IDR for involvement in project

Through this program students are expected to be able to recognize the world of work more closely and can utilize Astra’s affiliated company environment to improve their soft and technical competencies.

In the future, Astra will continue to expand the mentoring program to students so they are ready to contribute optimally to the organizations where they work and become the qualified next generation.


  • Undergraduate student on your 3rd - 7th semester
  • Achieved minimum GPA of 3.00
  • Actively involved in organizational activities
  • Enrolled at the university in the area of java
  • Not currently receiving scholarships from others institutions / companies

Please sign up here.

Term & Conditions:

  • We only process in accordance with the criteria and requirements listed
  • All decisions taken by PT Astra International Tbk related Astra 1st Program are absolute and inviolable.

117 comments on “Astra 1st Scholarships, PT Astra International Tbk, Indonesia

  1. Assalamualaikum, Mohon maaf, Bapa / Ibu Panitia seleksi,, Pengumuman Beasiswanya bisa dilihat dimana ya ? dan kapan? Terimakasih.

  2. Saya tertarik dengan beasiswa ini. Namun saya masih dalam semester 2. Saya harap semester yang akan datang saya dapat mengikuti beasiswa ini. Trims.

  3. Saya dewi.
    Saya lulusan d3 keperwatan thn 2010.saya pingin lanjut kuliah.
    Apa da buat jurusan saya??
    Trima kasih.

  4. How about students who’s studying outside from java..
    Why this year Astra scholarship don’t open for overall indonesian students..?

  5. In the requirement says that we shoud actively involved in organizational activities. What if I’m involve in a organization of charity, is it still counted?

  6. Dear Astra,
    Im transfer students, I want to follow the Scholarship program, but the difficulty of the charging data, request the information.

    thank you.


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