Doctoral Studentships, Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland

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The Department of Chemistry, University of Helsinki, is the leading and most diverse teaching and research community in its field in Finland. The Department engages in international high quality research, educates chemists with the skills and knowledge necessary to work as researchers and teachers both in Finland and abroad, and influences public decision making in matters relevant to its field. The Degree Programme in Chemistry admits 150 new students every year and currently has a total of 800 students.

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Helsinki invites applications for


for a fixed term of a maximum of four years beginning on 1 August 2011.

Besides conducting research leading to the doctoral dissertation, each doctoral student shall participate in the supervision of laboratory work in organic chemistry, as well as in other teaching duties and activities at the Department.

According to the Regulations of the University of Helsinki, an appointee to the position of doctoral student shall hold a second-cycle degree and have an approved research proposal. Other requirements shall include the ability and motivation, as demonstrated in previous degree studies or otherwise, to pursue postgraduate studies and a doctoral degree according to the study plan and research proposal.

The salary will be based on levels 1-4 of the demands level chart for teaching and research personnel in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, the appointee will be paid a salary component based on personal performance.

Applications must be accompanied by a CV, a list of publications and other documents that may be relevant to filling the position or, alternatively, an academic portfolio containing the above-mentioned documents. In addition, applicants shall enclose their research and postgraduate study plans with their applications. Further information about the academic portfolio and assessment of teaching skills can be obtained from the Faculty Office or the Faculty’s website, or from the following link:

Applications addressed to the Department of Chemistry, together with the required enclosures, must be delivered to the following postal address: Registry of the University of Helsinki, P.O. Box 33 (Yliopistonkatu 4), 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland, or email: The closing date for applications is 18 May 2011 at 15.45 local Helsinki time. Further information may be obtained from Professor Ilkka Kilpeläinen, tel. +358 50 518 1148,

For more information, please visit official website:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

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