Harold Gulliksen Psychometric Research Fellowship, USA

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During the academic year, selected fellows study at their universities and carry out research under the supervision of an academic mentor and in consultation with ETS research scientists and psychometricians. During the summer, fellows are invited to participate in the Summer Internship Program for Graduate Students, working under the guidance of an ETS mentor.

Program Goals
The goal of this program is to increase the number of well-trained scientists in educational measurement, psychometrics and statistics.

Award Duration
Appointments are for one year.

Award Value
Each fellow`s university receives the following:

  • $15,000 to pay a stipend to the fellow
  • $7,500 to defray the fellow`s tuition, fees and work-study program commitments
  • A small grant for the purchase of equipment or software if needed to facilitate work on the fellow`s research project (grant must be requested by the university)

Each fellow who also participates in the Summer Internship Program for Graduate Students receives the following:

  • $5,000 compensation
  • $2,500 relocation and houing allowance

At the time of application, candidates must be enrolled in a doctoral program, have completed all the coursework toward the Ph.D., and be at the dissertation stage of their program. Dissertation topics in the areas of psychometrics, statistics, educational measurement or quantitative methods will be given priority.

Selection is based on:

  • Strength of the applicant`s academic credentials. Applicants need to demonstrate superior academic ability and achievement as well as exceptional promise in the field of measurement, psychometrics or statistics.
  • Suitability and the technical strength of the proposed research project. The project must relate to research currently under way at ETS. The preferred arrangement is that the proposed project be the applicant`s Doctoral thesis. Non-dissertation projects may be considered provided that the applicant is doing significant independent work and is not receiving alternative funding for this work.

For more information, contact us via e-mail (internfellowships@ets.org) or call 1-609-734-5543
Visit: http://www.ets.org/research/fellowships/gulliksen

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.


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