Helmut Claas Scholarships in Engineering, Agricultural & Economics, Germany

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International Helmut Claas-Scholarship 2011 for students of Engineering, Agricultural studies and Economics

We are looking for students who are enthusiastic about agriculture. Can you answer these questions with YES?

  • You are enthusiastic about agriculture and agricultural engineering?
  • You are a student on the fields of Engineering, Agricultural studies or Economics?
  • You have written your bachelor thesis or student work in 2010/2011?

What do you submit for your application?
The main item of your application is your written project.
Your project should be linked to agricultural engineering or have any other connection with agriculture and its related industries.
Possible topics: Agricultural Engineering, Bio- systems technology, green biotechnology, machinery management or other interesting agriculture related technical projects

Projects from students just starting their university degree course are most welcome. You may write a report (e.g. seminar essay, progress report) on your future vision of agriculture or the agricultural industry, e.g. new ideas for farming practices or solutions to current problems in the field of agricultural engineering.

You may also apply with your bachelor project report or thesis. If you are currently registered on an appropriate higher degree programme (taught MSc, MSc by Research, MPhil or PhD) you may submit a piece of work such as a project report, taught MSc thesis or synopsis of your research project.

A total of four scholarships will be awarded in 2011:
1st prize: Funding amount of 4,800 Euro (400 Euro/month for a total of 12 months)
2nd prize: Funding amount of 3,600 Euro (300 Euro/month for a total of 12 months)
3rd prize: Funding amount of 3,000 Euro (250 Euro/month for a total of 12 months)
4th prize: Funding amount of 2,400 Euro (200 Euro/month for a total of 12 months)

Furthermore, bonus prizes of 1.000 Euro each will be awarded in the categories innovation, extracurricular engagement and technical engagement. The bonus prizes are directed to bachelor students who do not plan to continue with a higher degree program.

Evaluation criteria
The various submissions will be judged on the basis of:
1) Creativity in respect to originality
2) Realisability of result and practical relevance
3) Result of project
4) Significance of the subject for agricultural engineering and farming
5) Structure and design of the project
6) Extracurricular activities/ voluntary work

Factors such as internationality, interdisciplinary, your curriculum vitae and professional expectations will be considered in the evaluation process.

Your application should consist of the following:
1. Your piece of work (either in German or English) in both digital form (CD/DVD) and hard copy.
2. A brief summary of your work (ca. one page).
3. A covering letter where you also state your estimated graduation date.
4. Curriculum Vitae (including information on traineeship, work abroad etc.) and a summary of your interim study marks and results.
5. Written confirmation from your university that you are registered on an appropriate Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree program.
6. Recommendation letter of your tutor/professor would be helpful.

Schedule of application:

  • Application deadline: Friday, June 10th 2011
  • Evaluation by the international Jury: Summer 2011
  • Revelation of the prizes during Award presentation in October 2011

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship, do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to your application!

CLAAS Foundation
Sylvia Looks
Postfach 1163
33426 Harsewinkel
Phone: +49 5247 12 1960
e-mail: stiftung@claas.com

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