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The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and the GDF SUEZ Group have decided to create a scholarship program with IFP School for high-level foreign students to study in France. They are pleased to run this program for the first time in Indonesia for the academic year 2013-2014.


The scholarship program, which comes under the “QUAI D’ORSAY / ENTREPRISES” scheme operated by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a public-private partnership designed to provide optimal conditions for student life in France, including a personalized welcome and learning environment. Applicants are selected jointly by the MFA, GDF SUEZ and IFP School.

The program, which is cofinanced by GDF SUEZ and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the 2013/2014 academic year, is intended for a student from Indonesia who is currently enrolled at university in his/her home country. Only candidates with the Indonesian nationality are eligible for the program.

For the 2013/2014 academic year, 1 scholarship will be awarded.

The study scholarship cofinanced by GDF SUEZ and the MFA is awarded for sixteen months of studies in France in the Master’s program at IFP SCHOOL in the following specialization : Petroleum Engineering and Project Development (Master Développement et Exploitation des Gisements)

Following the selection procedure, if you are awarded a scholarship under the program cofinanced by GDF SUEZ /MFA, you will receive:

from GDF SUEZ:

  • a single flat-rate scholarship of €33 400 inclusive of tuition fees, welcome and administrative costs, tutorials for which the corresponding amount (18 000€) will be deducted by IFP School; the remaining 15 400€ will be transferred to you on a monthly basis during your studies at IFP School
  • corporate mentoring within GDF SUEZ;
  • an internship assignment offer within a GDF SUEZ entity. An additional stipend will be offered depending on the entity of appointment;
  • career guidance support at the end of your stay in France;

Depending on the recruitment needs of its business lines and your performance, GDF SUEZ could offer you a career opportunity, provided you obtain your degree from IFP School and a referral for recruitment from the course supervisor and the Human Resources Officer of the host entity in France, at the end of the scholarship program.

from the MFA and with funding from Institut Français of Indonesia:

  • social, medical, and civil liability insurance cover that will give you the status of French government scholarship student and related advantages, including simplified visa applications, gratuity of visa, access to cultural activities at an attractive price;
  • French-language courses, if needed, before leaving for France, provided by the Institut Français of Indonesia’s network.

From IFP School :

  • support before your departure and during your stay in France, including preparation for arrival in France, possibility to attend intensive French language courses in France during the summer before the beginning of the scientific courses, assistance in obtaining a residence permit, reservation of an accommodation on the campus.

You may also apply for Personalized Housing Benefits (APL).

Please note that the airfare to and from France is payable by the students.

Please note that if you decide to terminate your studies before the end of the program, it will be requested from you to reimburse the total amount of the scholarship already received.

You are eligible for this scholarship program if:

  • you have the Indonesian nationality;
  • you apply to the master Petroleum Engineering and Project Development IFP School :
  • you are no more than 28 years of age in the year in which you are selected;
  • you are not already benefiting from a scholarship from the French government or from another company;
  • you do not have a previous commitment with another company at the time of your arrival in France, such as company grant, an open-ended employment contract, an apprenticeship contract, etc.;
  • you are a student in your country of origin and have at least completed 4 years of undergraduate studies in Science or Engineering;
  • you show an interest in the GDF SUEZ Group;
  • you send a full application containing all the documents required (cf. section entitled “Mandatory application documents”).

Important observations:

  • bi-national students are not eligible for the scholarship program if their second nationality is
  • French;
  • applications for apprenticeship or continuing education courses will be rejected outright;
  • a good command of French (level DELF B1) is asked in the selection process and the result of your langage aptitude test has to be sent with the application.


  • You must submit your application for admission in a Master’s program at IFP School. Application deadline : FEBRUARY 28TH 2013
  • Before MARCH 31st 2013, you must electronically submit your application for a scholarship of the program cofinanced by GDF SUEZ/MFA, to Institut Français of Indonesia.
  • If the scholarship application you sent to the Embassy is acceptable, the French Embassy in your country of origin will send you a notification to attend an interview on the day the Selection Committee of the scholarship program cofinanced by GDF SUEZ / MFA is scheduled to meet. Between the 15TH and the 26TH of APRIL 2013, the Committee for the preselection of applicants for a scholarship will be convened under the authority of the French Embassy in Indonesia. The committee will gather at least one representative of the Embassy’s Cooperation and Cultural Action Service (SCAC) and one representative of the GDF SUEZ Group subsidiary in Indonesia. You will then be informed by Institut Français of Indonesia if your application is preselected, put on a waiting list, or refused.
  • On May 14th 2013, on the proposal of the preselection Committee in your country of origin, on the decision of the final jury of IFP School and with the agreement of GDF SUEZ and the MFA, the scholarship will be awarded to a student.
  • The selected student will then be informed by Institut Français of Indonesia.

If your application is successful, you will be responsible for ensuring that you are formally enrolled at IFP School. You will be declared a winner of a scholarship under the program cofinanced by GDF SUEZ /MFA only on condition that you have been formally admitted to that institution.

The following selection criteria are taken into account:

  • excellence of the applicant, as reflected by his/her previous university experience;
  • the applicant’s career goals;
  • strong interest in working in an energy & environmental professions;
  • willingness to contribute to the development of your region and country;
  • the applicant’s level of French;
  • the applicant’s degree of autonomy, adaptability, intellectual curiosity, and team spirit.

These documents shall be digitized if needed in order to be sent electronically

  • a one-page curriculum vitæ in French;
  • a copy of your academic record and of your academic qualifications;
  • a copy of the results of your French langage test (TEF, TCF, or DELF)
  • a copy of the application acknowledgement of receipt from IFP SCHOOL;
  • a two-page statement of your career plans in French giving the following information:
    1. summary of your training experience and of any work experience you may have;
    2. career prospects (sector of activity, functions, and preferred countries)
    3. your motivation for joining this scholarship program cofinanced by GDF SUEZ/MFA:
      • what would you gain from the program?
      • how do you think you may contribute to the program?

For information on IFP SCHOOL http://www.ifp-school.com
Master’s programs: http://www.ifp-school.com/Engineering-degree-+-Masters-degree/38
Contact: Mr Jean-Christophe FLECHE jean-christophe.fleche@ifpen.fr

For Information on the GDF SUEZ company:
1 rue d’Astorg
75008 Paris - http://www.gdfsuez.com
Contact: Mrs Agnès Auclair agnes.auclair@gdfsuez.com

For information on student reception in France, social and medical insurance cover, and cultural activities visit the CampusFrance Indonesia website: http://www.indonesie.campusfrance.org/

To get information on the program and to send your application Website and contact
http://institutfrancais-indonesia.com/ - Institut Français d’Indonésie
Contact : Mrs. Flora STIENNE
Send your application to flora.stienne@diplomatie.gouv.fr

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

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