Indonesian Arts And Culture Scholarships, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia

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2011 Indonesian Arts And Culture Scholarship Programme
Short Term Programme
The Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship

The Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship has been conducted since 2003 and was initially offered to and participated by member countries of the South West Pacific Dialogue (SwPD); Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Timor-Leste, and the host Indonesia.

Bearing in mind the significance and advantages obtained from the program, the offer was expanded over the years to include member countries of ASEAN, ASEAN+3, and PIF, as well as India and South Africa. In 2008, Indonesia welcomed the participation of Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Since 2009, Austria has joined the program and in 2010 the Government of Indonesia has given the opportunity for participants from France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and Suriname. This year, Indonesia will invite participant from Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Turkey to join the program.

Due to the limited space and the vast amount of interest in the program, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with Indonesian embassies and consulates overseas, hold a series of selection process. Taken into considerations are, among others, the participants’ background, gender and regional representation.

In order to deepen the participants’ understanding of Indonesian arts and culture, and to enhance their skills for the final performance, participants will be divided and assigned by the organising committee to different arts centers for the duration of approximately two and a half month. The arts centers are located in Bandung, West Java; Denpasar, Bali; Solo, Central Java; Surabaya, East Java; and Bandar Lampung, Lampung.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

4 comments on “Indonesian Arts And Culture Scholarships, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Indonesia

  1. Dear sir or madam,

    I would like to express my deep heart-felt thanks and appreciation for announcing the availability of the Art and Culture scholarship. My name is Jasmal Martora studying at Khairun University Ternate, majoring in English Literature Programme in faculty of Letters and Culture in exactly the fourth semester right now. I have been looking for scholarship information relevant with my field of study since I was in the first semester. I’m deeply interested in learning our culture with its distinctive diversity and stupendous disparity. I have a huge dream to be able to mingle with the foreigners since I love to expose and acquainting our culture to let the universe knows that we are of a great nation. I herewith only ask a few questions related to the scholarship above. Does the scholarship intend also to Indonesian students and do they have to fulfil the same requirements as those of overseas?
    Hope to hear from your feedback, please.

  2. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I’m Zico Rizki from Padjajaran University, Bandung. I’m in 4th semester right now. Actually, i’m very interested with the scholarship its all because i love Indonesia culture very much. I think with the program, we can promote all the things that exist in Indonesia. But, my age is still 19. Can students with the age under your criteria follow this scholarship?

    Hope to hear from your feedback

  3. Dear sir/madam,
    i am interested in the scholarship as well as our valuable heritage.
    I am a kindergarten teacher with passionate interest in traditional cultures of javanese, sundanese and balinese. I have a vision to share these values with my students and colleagues.
    However,i am now 31 y.o. I really hope that age is not a boundary to study for something really good like this. It is the love to the culture that encourages me to share my thoughts.
    Thank you..

  4. Buat tahun 2012 atau 2013 masih ada atau ga ya beasiswa ini, saya cinta bgt sama budaya indonesia apa lagi sama karawitan.. Saya pengen bgt dpt beasiswa ini


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