International Multicopter Girls Camp, Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany

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The International Graduate School on Mobile Communications invites graduate and undergraduate female students to a two-week workshop on simulating and programming self-propelled, multi-rotor UAV’s (Multicopters) in ad-hoc networks.

The goal of this workshop is to deploy a small UAV swarm, which is capable of creating a disaster relief network in the air and on the ground. Different swarm control strategies will be explored, simulated, implemented on the UAV’s, and evaluated in the field. Please visit for further information.

In order to apply, please download the Graduate Application Form or the Undergraduate Application Form, complete and sign it and send it along with your CV and relevant transcripts by email to

Application to the Multicopter Girls Camp is open now. The applicants will be selected based on their background, activities and interests. Take your chance and apply!

Cost and financial support
Participation in the International Multicopter Girls Camp is based on applications and is free for successful applicants. Support includes accommodation and an allowance to travel cost.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2012
Acceptance Notification: March 20, 2012
International Multicopter Girls Camp: July 02-13, 2012

For questions related to the Multicopter Girls Camp, please contact the coordinator, Dr. Mirko Kirschkowski.
Phone: +49-3677-691148
FAX: +49-3677-694823

For more information, please visit official website:

26 comments on “International Multicopter Girls Camp, Ilmenau University of Technology, Germany

  1. Hi. I am really interested with this event. But, I want to ask something. To be honest, I am a senior high school student and will be graduate this year, and this is my senior year. And my question is, can I join this event even though I am a senior high school student? I really want to join this event. Give me the answer and more information:
    Thank you. I’m so glad if you notice me :)

  2. hi, my name is Maria. I’m very interested with this program and I’ll submit my data as soon as possible. but, i’d like to ask some quetions:
    - it’s about the participant’s obligation.
    what should the participant do after join this workshop?
    -is there another selection step after submitting our data?
    please send me your explanation related my questions above.
    many thanks


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