International Postgraduate & Doctoral Research Scholarships, Macquarie University, Australia

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International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) and additional International Macquarie University Research Excellence (iMQRES) Scholarships

The International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) program was established to maintain and develop international research linkages, and aims to attract top quality postgraduate students to areas of research strength in the Australian higher education sector, and support Australia’s research efforts. This Government funded scholarship covers the tuition fees and compulsory health cover for international postgraduate students of exceptional research promise, for two years for a Masters by research degree or three years for a Doctorate by research. The number of IPRS places funded varies between institutions and from year to year. In addition to the tuition fees covered under the IPRS program, Macquarie University generously offers IPRS awardees a living allowance stipend, and usually supplements the places on offer via its own scholarship scheme.

The Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship (MQRES) scheme is a Doctoral (PhD) scholarship program that aims to support exceptional research students enrolled in one of the University’s recognised Concentrations of Research Excellence (CORE), as well as the broader University.

Selection Process and Timing
Macquarie University offers available awards to eligible candidates on the basis of academic merit, and according to Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR) guidelines. Most scholarships require applicants have either: a four year Australian Bachelor degree with First Class Honours, strong academic performance and references; or provide strong evidence of equivalent research achievement (see the Honours Equivalence section). There is intense competition for scholarships, and even applicants holding First Class Honours may not receive an offer of award.

IPRS/iMQRES Round: first round offers are generally advised in early November, with candidates expected to enrol in first semester of the following year. Special approval is required for deferral. Unsuccessful first round applicants may be put on a scholarship reserve list and while it is anticipated additional scholarship funding will be available it cannot be guaranteed.

The Higher Degree Research Office at Macquarie University provides a single application form to apply for both candidature and scholarship.

To apply:

  1. complete an application form, and include:
  2. original or certified copies of all academic transcripts. An official translation must be included if documents are not in English;
  3. a certified copy of your birth or citizenship certificate, or your ID card, or the identity page of your passport
  4. an original or certified copy of documents providing evidence of any name change
  5. a project proposal outline with reference list (check with Faculty/Department of interest for length)
  6. TWO academic referees: If one is your proposed supervisor, then please obtain a third reference. A referee report form should be forwarded to your nominated referees. Your referee does not have to fill in information they can not comment on, and may attach a letter if they have additional comments for the selection committee. A standard referee report form is available from the HDR Scholarships Forms and Conditions webpage:

Each referee should complete and return the form directly to the University no later than 9 September 2011. Due to the number of applications and reports we receive we would ask you to please check directly with your referee if you wish to know if these reports were sent. If time permits, we will send you an email if we have not received your referee’s reports.

Applications may not be considered if all required documentation has not been received
Application instructions and the link to the downloadable application form is available at:

All successful IPRS PhD applicants will receive 3 years of tuition fee and compulsory health cover support, with an extension of up to 6 months possible. Successful Masters by research candidates receive IPRS funding for 2 years. Additionally, successful IPRS applicants will receive a matching Macquarie University Research Excellence Scholarship stipend at the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) stipend rate, currently $22,860 pa, tax exempt (2011). The iMQRES, available for PhD candidates only, offers the same stipend plus tuition fees for 3.5 years. Applicants who are offered an iMQRES need to pay for their overseas health cover upfront for the duration of their visa, as required by visa regulations. Successful IPRS PhD candidates will be asked to pay for their compulsory health cover for their fourth year of permitted enrolment upfront. Neither the IPRS nor the iMQRES cover relocation costs.

Awards will only be available to applicants who:

  • are a citizen of a country other than Australian/New Zealand, and not an Australian Permanent Resident.
  • have already completed, or expect to complete in 2011, an Australian four-year undergraduate degree with first class honours or have equivalent research qualifications
  • are enrolling as a full-time student
  • will undertake a Masters by research degree or Doctorate (only PhD candidates are eligible for an iMQRES) in 2011/12


  • IPRS applicants must be commencing full-time enrolment for the first time in a higher degree research program in Australia
  • IPRS applicants who commenced a higher degree research degree and terminated that enrolment within 6 months of commencement may still be eligible for scholarship
  • Scholarship holders must be resident in Australia during their award tenure, unless on approved overseas research leave.

Awards will not be available to those who:

  • are receiving another equivalent or major award, scholarship or salary to undertake the proposed program
  • have already completed a research Doctoral degree or its equivalent
  • have already completed a higher degree in research at the same level or at a higher level than the proposed candidature
  • have previously held an iMQRES or APAI for more than 6 months (for candidates being considered for an iMQRES)
  • Additionally for IPRS consideration: have been previously enrolled in an Australian Higher Degree Research program; have held an AUSAID scholarship in the last 2 years; are receiving tuition via another Australian Government-funded scholarship scheme; have already commenced their degree candidature but had the opportunity to apply to the 2011 IPRS round (closed 31 August 2010)
  • Provide false or misleading information to the University. Where there is reason to believe this condition has not been upheld, the University reserves the right to reassess the student’s entitlement to the award

Award-holders may:

  • be in receipt of minor awards, allowances or other earnings which are supplementary to an IPRS or iMQRES, or derived from part-time work undertaken within the guidelines set by the Higher Degree Research Committee
  • receive stipend top-up funding from industry or other sources to a maximum equivalent to 75% of the basic Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) stipend rate
  • be in receipt of additional funds for field work, equipment and other such expenses not covered by the award.

Selection Criteria
Macquarie University ranks applicants on the basis of academic merit, relevant research experience and/or potential and the University’s research priorities.

Successful applicants must have completed at least four years of higher education studies at a very high level. For example:

  • a three year degree then an Honours year awarded in the First Class Division 1 (Hons 1)
  • a three year degree then one year of Masters with a substantial research component completed at Hons 1 level
  • a three year degree then a Masters preliminary where it is equivalent to an honours program and completed at Hons 1 level.

Honours Equivalence
If you are seeking to establish research equivalence to the Australian First Class Honours level you are encouraged to provide full documentation of your achievements to assist in the assessment of your qualifications. Other research qualifications which may be considered include:

  • further relevant research experience
  • published research (preferably in refereed publications: journals, books, book chapters, etc)
  • conference presentations (preferably refereed)
  • completion of a Masters degree by research or a coursework Masters with a substantial research component. (you will be asked to provide information on your thesis: abstract, length, grade, examination process & the percentage of research component in the course)
  • highly relevant and substantial work-related research experience

For enquiries regarding conditions of award, or the scholarship application process contact:
Higher Degree Research Office – Scholarships
Building C5C, Level 3 East
Macquarie University NSW 2109

For more information, please visit official website:

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