International Research Scholarships, European Union Academic Programme (EUAP), Hong Kong

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European Union Academic Programme Hong Kong (EUAP)
International Research Scholarships (PhD Scholarships)

The European Union Academic Programme Hong Kong (EUAP) is inviting applications for two PhD Scholarships in the fields of European Union Studies / EU Relations with China / East Asia.

The EUAP is a consortium of four universities in Hong Kong, co-financed by the European Commission. It is dedicated to strengthening research expertise on the European Union and its engagement with and in East Asia.

The EUAP welcomes cutting-edge inter-disciplinary research proposals from prospective candidates. The Scholarship Scheme is an excellent opportunity for outstanding Master degree students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to conduct doctoral research at one of the EUAP member universities in Hong Kong.

Applications are now invited in the following areas:

  • Trade and economic relations
  • Comparative Law
  • Civil society relations
  • Security and/or foreign policy.

Successful candidates will be awarded the scholarship in the form of a monthly studentship sufficient to cover tuition fee, accommodation and sundries for a maximum period of three years (approx. 14,100 HK$ p.m. for the 2013-14 academic year). According to the area of research, they will be attached to one of the partner universities (which will also award the degree) and be part of the EUAP research postgraduate network and the respective university’s research training modules. They have the opportunity to gain teaching experience by contributing to coursework and outreach activities for selected target audiences in Hong Kong.

Applicants should possess first-class undergraduate (with honours) and postgraduate degrees and display excellent command of the English language. Additional proficiency in Chinese and a second European language is desirable. Applicants are welcomed from diverse academic and disciplinary backgrounds. There are no restrictions on nationality.

Application Procedure:
The application deadline is 30 May 2013.

Applicants need to submit the following documents:

  • Detailed CV;
  • Academic transcripts and TOEFL/IELTS scores;
  • Personal statement (1,000 words) indicating the candidate’s motivation for conducting doctoral research in the proposed area of research;
  • Detailed research proposal (3,000 words) indicating the proposed research question to be pursued, its relevance and contribution to the research literature, as well as the methodology and research materials (sources) to be used.
  • Applications need to identify a EUAP member university and a supervisor for their research. Prior to the formal application candidates should therefore make contact with prospective doctoral research supervisors at one of the following EUAP partner universities:
  • Hong Kong Baptist University: Prof Jean-Pierre Cabestan (,
  • University of Hong Kong: Dr Roland Vogt (,
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong: Prof. Sandra Marco Colino (

All application documents and a portfolio of previous written work or other documented achievements should be sent by air mail to:

European Union Academic Programme
Attn: Prof. Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Director General
c/o Hong Kong Baptist University / Rm 515 David C. Lam Building
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong.

Selection and Review:

  • Candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria will be shortlisted by a selection committee and interviewed via Skype.
  • The selected candidates will be nominated for admission to read for a PhD at their selected EUAP partner university. They will then have to submit a formal online application. The respective university (Graduate School) reserves the right to make the final decision on admission.
  • Successful candidates will receive written confirmation of their scholarship and a written admission offer that is conditional on the candidate’s attainment of the predicted academic qualifications.
  • Applicants not contacted within eight weeks from having sent their portfolio may consider their applications unsuccessful for the time being. Application forms and documents will not be returned but kept on file for future reference (one year).
  • Commencement of the scholarship period is 1 September 2013.

The EUAP reserves the right not to make an appointment for the scholarship advertised, and the appointment will be made according to the terms & conditions then applicable at the time of offer.

If you have further questions regarding the EUAP please contact Mr. Martin Ho, EUAP Programme Coordinator at

For more information, please visit official website:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

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