International Student PGT Scholarship, University of Plymouth, UK

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The University of Plymouth is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for international students who wish to study postgraduate taught degree courses.

To be considered for one of these scholarships you need to first hold at least a conditional offer of a place on a postgraduate taught degree programme at the University of Plymouth commencing in September 2011.

International Student PGT Scholarship

Level/Course of Study: All Postgraduate taught programmes

Eligibility criteria: The University will automatically consider applicants with relevant Bachelor degree grades as stipulated in this list. Please note this list is not exhaustive and graduates from all non-EU countries will be considered for these scholarships. Please note your Bachelor’s degree must be the equivalent of a UK Honours degree, as specified by UK NARIC.

  • Brunei: 2:1
  • Canada: in any Province / Territory grading system, grade to equate to UK 2:1 as guided by UK NARIC
  • China: Prestigious Universities 75% others 80%
  • Ghana: minimum 2:1 in relevant bachelor degree
  • Hong Kong: B (good) 3.0
  • India: 65% or above (some 60%)
  • Indonesia: Strata 1 Sarjana B-3 (good)
  • Japan: B (70-79%)
  • Kuwait: GPA 3.33 or above (out of 4.0). Grading would equate to B+
  • Malaysia:
    • Polytechnics B (65% and above)
    • Mara Institute B (3.0-3.99 good)
    • Universities 2:1
    • Islamic University: 3.5 (B+) very good
  • Nigeria: minimum 2:1 in relevant bachelor degree
  • Oman: GPA 3.5 or above (out of 4)
  • Pakistan: GPA 3.5 or above (out of 4). 64-75%
  • Saudi Arabia: GPA 4.0 or above (out of 5)
  • S. Korea: B+ (85-89%) GPA 3.5
  • Sri Lanka: 70% and above
  • Taiwan: B (70-79%) Average
  • Thailand: B+ (very good) GPA 3.50
  • UAE: GPA 3.0 or above (out of 4.0)
  • USA: minimum final GPA 3.0 (out of 4.0), or equivalent, in relevant bachelor degree
  • Vietnam: 7.0

Other countries, not listed above, may also be considered.

Eligibility criteria:

  • You are an International Student and / or we have told you that you have been classed as an overseas student for fee purposes OR you are a student from the Channel Islands and have been classed for fee purposes as such.
  • You hold a conditional or unconditional offer from the University of Plymouth for September 2011 entry.
  • You are coming to the University of Plymouth to join one of our degree programmes, at postgraduate taught level.
  • You are a self funded student and not in receipt of an official Government, company or any other scholarship.
  • You have the required grades or marks from an undergraduate (Bachelor) degree, which is equivalent to a UK Honours degree as defined by UK NARIC. Please see details above for grades / classifications required. You must have supplied us with your results in an acceptable and verifiable format, for example if we have requested certified copies or original documents you must send these.

Terms and conditions:

  • A student can only be in receipt of one scholarship or discount, and it is only valid for entry in the current academic year.
  • Scholarships awarded may not be deferred. If a scholarship is offered and the student wishes to defer his/her start date, the scholarship must be re-applied for and may not be awarded.
  • Award of scholarships can only be made if complete applications, and supporting documents, are submitted before any deadline stipulated, and if scholarships are still available to award at that time.
  • Any offer of scholarship can only be awarded once you have completed the scholarship application process (for scholarships 2 and 3 above), and once the University has confirmation that your qualifications meet the eligibility criteria (for all scholarships). We will only confirm your scholarship award once all the conditions of your offer have been satisfactorily met, and your deposit has been received. At this point we will issue your unconditional offer letter and CAS number (if applicable) and will confirm to the UK Borders Agency the amount of fees you must pay.
  • The Scholarship value is in pounds sterling.
  • The scholarship, if awarded, will be deducted from the overall tuition fee that you are liable to pay, and this will be reflected on your unconditional offer letter / CAS statement (the document that is your unconditional offer and must be used when applying for your visa)
  • The scholarship award may not be used as a partial deposit or tuition fee payment or in lieu of a deposit payment.
  • Scholarships are only awardable for degree students enrolled on their course at the University – non-enrolled students, exchange students or students studying only part of the postgraduate course are ineligible.
  • The University of Plymouth International Office Scholarship Committee’s decision on the awarding of scholarships is final. Students may be requested to submit additional documentation in support of their scholarship application.

For further information please contact:

Value of award: £1,500
Number of awards available: 100

Application: None required. If you have applied for a postgraduate taught degree programme for September 2011 entry, we will automatically consider you for this scholarship if your final transcript or marks sheet was submitted with your application. If you meet the criteria and are made a conditional offer of a place, we will inform you of the scholarship in your conditional offer letter. Once all conditions of your offer have been met and the deposit has been paid, we will then confirm the scholarship award and issue your unconditional offer letter or CAS. See Terms and Conditions for details.

Closing date for awards: There is no closing date but we will need to receive all documents as specified on your offer letter and for you to have met all conditions of your offer, in order to confirm the scholarship. The sooner you send these to us the better, as you need to allow enough time for the visa application process in your own country (if applicable).

For more information, please visit official website:


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