International Student Scholarships in Science and Engineering, University of Hull, UK

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International Student Scholarships in Science and Engineering Entry 2013/14
Information and Guidance for Applicants

The Scholarship Scheme is for entry in the Session 2013/14 only.

The Scheme applies to international (non-UK and non-EU) students making applications for a full-time taught programme of study only and includes students wishing to enter directly into years 2, 3 or 4 of the programme of study.

The Scheme excludes the pre-certificate foundation year of four year undergraduate programmes and pre-Masters programmes although is applicable on progression to the Certificate stage of the undergraduate programme or Postgraduate Certificate stage of the masters programme.

The closing date for applications for Scholarships is 1 August 2013.

Applications should be made direct to the Admissions Tutor of the academic department of the chosen programme of study.

No application for a Scholarship will be considered without the University having first received a UCAS application for undergraduate study or an application for postgraduate study.

The Scholarship awarded is up to a maximum of £1,500 per annum (£750 per annum for BA Geography) for undergraduate degrees and up to a maximum of £2,000 for Masters degrees. Award is solely at the discretion of the Department.

Departments may award a Scholarship subject to satisfaction of any conditions which it determines appropriate for entry to the programme of study.

Scholarships may only be awarded to applicants satisfying general University, Departmental and Programme of Study regulations.

The Scholarship is payable as a credit against tuition fees only.

No guarantee of a Scholarship can be made where an applicant indicates that he/she wishes to defer entry to 2014/15.

The Scholarship is awarded per annum for the normal period of study. No student shall be entitled to a scholarship in excess of the period of study for which they are originally registered. This should be noted by any student wishing, after their first year of study, to transfer to the first year of another programme of study.

The continuation of a Scholarship after the first year of study is subject to satisfactory performance in assessments, examinations and progression to the next normal year of study.

Scholarships are not transferable between Departments. Where a student wishes to transfer to another programme of study in another Department, the new Department is under no obligation to honour the commitment to a scholarship. Any student wishing to transfer to another Department is advised to make appropriate enquiries of the new Department in advance of any firm decision to transfer.

No student may hold more than one University Award.

Applicants are advised to apply early as the number of Scholarships in each Department is limited.

Note for Research Students: This scheme does not apply to research students, who should contact the relevant Department about any possible Scholarship or funding opportunities.

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