International Students Scholarships, Royal Veterinary College (RVC), University of London, UK

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The Royal Veterinary College is one of the world’s leading specialist veterinary institutions. Founded in 1791, the RVC has a unique heritage of innovation in veterinary and biomedical sciences, clinical practice and education.

Royal Veterinary College University of London Vet School What makes us unique?
As one of the world’s leading specialist veterinary institutions, the Royal Veterinary College brings together many talented individuals, all of whom share a passion for human and animal health and welfare.

Our broad range of programmes are of international appeal and attract students who go on to become practising veterinarians, animal scientists, veterinary nurses and leaders in industry and government.

Established in 1791, RVC is the UK’s oldest veterinary college - with a proud heritage of innovation in veterinary science, clinical practice and education.

A Tradition of Heritage and Innovation
The College has a proud heritage of innovation in veterinary science, clinical practice and education.

  • Our independent status means we are able to innovate and keep at the forefront of theory and practice
  • Pioneering approaches to teaching, research and cutting edge clinical provision
  • Expertise beyond animal husbandry and an established network of scientific partnerships with internationally renowned RVC experts

RVC Scholarship for Overseas Students
Available to applicants for: MSc Wild Animal Biology, MSc Wild Animal Health, MSc Control of Infectious Diseases, MSc Veterinary Epidimiology

The RVC will be offering an £4000 fees only scholarship to an outstanding overseas student undertaking the MSc in 2013/14 . These will be allocated on a highly competitive basis to an overseas student applying for a full time place on the MSc.

Deadline for applications: 15th March 2013.

Students wishing to be considered for this scholarship must submit a scholarship application form ( along with details of their UK Pass online application.

For more information, please visit official website:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

16 comments on “International Students Scholarships, Royal Veterinary College (RVC), University of London, UK

  1. I am graduated from mechanical engineering faculty and hope to have a master post graduating grant and my personnel information are as following:
    I was awarded the Bachelor’s degree of Mechanical engineering by mechanical engineering Faculty of Tishreen University in Syria, I have had Very good rating with general average 75.01% which was the highest score among all graduated engineers in the Tishreen university, so I have won the first grade among all graduated in my Faculty so I awarded an excellence certificate ( and I awarded excellence certificate for every studying year) and then I was awarded Diploma’s degree of solar energy specialty with general average 78.5% and very good esteem rating. Now I am looking for having chance to complete my studying at one of developed university. please advise me
    Your response is high appreciated
    With my best regards
    Louay yassir

  2. Saya mahasiswa kedoktrean hewan Indonesia, saya sudah selesai pendidikan S1, sekarang sedang menjalani koasistensi dokter hewan.
    Jikalau saya mengikuti program ini, bagaimana cara dan prosedurnya,
    Terima Kasih

    I’m a student of veterinary medicine from Indonesia, I was finished of study until S1, new graduated, now I’m carry koasistency of veterinarian.
    If I’m follow this programe, why the procedure?

  3. Hello , I’m from Indonesia
     . how to
    apply this scholarship? I really excited with this programme..could you please give me statements with Indonesian Languange ?? so I can more understand … thank you :’)

  4. hello.
    saya ingin sekali menjadi seorang dokter hewan,cita-cita saya dr kecil ingin menjadi dokter hewan,tp gak kesampaian. Apakah saya bisa ikut beasiswa ini????tetapi saya bukan mahasiswi FKH. gimana donk??? O:)

  5. saya tertarik untuk mengikuti beasiswa seperti ini…saya mahasiswa fakultas peternakan sedang menjalani kuliah semester 6…apakah bisa diperjeas syarat dan ketentuannya…apakah saya bisa ikut dalam beasiswa ini…

  6. Saya seorang sarjana kedokteran hewan di indonesia
    dalam hal ini sangat tertarik dan berminat mengikuti program RVC ini.
    apakah dalam program ini juga tersedia untuk melanjutkan frofesi dokter hewan (koasintensi), tentunya dalam bentuk beasiswa?
    dan jika untuk bagaimana prosedur dalam bentuk beasiswa yang bisa didapatkan,,mohon penjelasannya?
    terima kasih atas info dan jawaban yg bermamfaat nantinya

  7. Hai mr n mrs .. I’m a student of veterinary faculty from indonesia , I would like to ask, how to get the scholarship ? Would u give me some information of this ?
    I’m so exited to be vet .. N now I’m still in koasistensi program in my faculty ..
    Do you have scholarship for pascasarjana ( s2 ) ?
    Thx for the information before .. Hope you will reply :)
    Best regrats


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