KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Cheongju University, Korea

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KGSP Applicant (University Quota)
Period : 2013. 1. 28 ~ 2013. 3. 29

Cheongju University Korea

Campus Life

  • All successful applicants will be given a chance to live in the dormitory. Students can select their own living places if they choose.
  • Aside from the dormitory staff, administrative staff member of the Office of Int’l Affairs and Korean Language teachers will stay in the dormitory to support you.
  • Three twin rooms are in one apartment each. You will share the apartment among six students, and your roommate will be a Korean student.
  • Facilities. Dormitory cafeteria, communal kitchen(free of charge), snack store, convenience store, gym.
  • Cost: 185,000 KRW (165 USD) per month in (Fall semester of 2012)


  • Buddy Program. 1:1 buddies with Korean students to help your stay in CJU and enhance your Korean language and knowledge of Korean culture.
  • Mentoring Program. Students starting their regular courses will be matched in groups of 5 foreign students. A Korean student will be in charge of each group, acting as guide for student life at CJU.
  • Korean Language Program Attendance. KGSP students are allowed to attend Korean Language program during free periods, free of charge.

Important Notes
Eligibility for Application

  1. Common eligibility
    • All applicants must be eligible for the 2013 KGSP program, and have at least a TOPIK Level 3 before beginning their courses.
    • Masters’ applicants must have an undergraduate degree from a 4-year university while Doctorate applicants should have a Master’s degree from an authorized institution.
  2. Required Documentation. Original copy of all documents required by the NIIED for the KGSP program application.
  3. Selection Procedure
    • Document screening and interviews will be conducted for evaluation.
    • The Division of Arts and Sports can ask for performance tests. Each candidate will be notified if this is the case.


  • All documents must be submitted by post or in person.
  • If any false document or illicit admission is discovered, admission can be revoked.
  • No documents can be returned, including unsuccessful candidates’.
  • All applicants must attend the interview on the designated day.
  • All successful candidates must enter the university.
  • Anything not in this document must be determined by the Admission Council.

Officer: Prog. Coordinator Jong Yoon Lim, Office of International Affairs

Phone: +82-43-229-8810
E-mail: /
Office Hours: Monday~Friday 09:00 ~ 18:00

Cheongju University
Address: 298 Daesung-ro, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju, Chungbuk

For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students

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  1. I want to get it all
    But u know , I know that I never to get it all because this is as imposibility for me
    Just want to dreaming out :(
    But I’m promised , oneday I then will give the best something one for this world :)

    Thank u for this information
    How lucky to you then get this is :)

  2. i am form pakistan and i am doing bsc hons going to complete in three months now i want to get admission in korea uni for mba programe in order to enhance our education carer in the future plz give me the chance to get admission on scholarship baises and what are the requirment to get admission korean universities i will be waiting for your postive response in this regards thanx

  3. Lol. It’s already university but I still in senior high school soon. How can I follow that scholarship? Well, I really need to do student exchange to the other country. Mean that, it mustn’t korea. But I’ll do my best next time. Hope I’ll get the scholarship next chance^^


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