KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Chung-Ang University, Korea

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KGSP Application (University Quota)
Application Period: Feb. 1. 2013 ~ Mar. 15. 2013

Chung-Ang University Korea

Campus Guide - Residence Hall
Chung-Ang University houses Korean Government scholars in the on-campus student dormitory which opened in 2010. Both Korean and international students live in the dormitory to provide an international atmosphere. The monthly rent is around $300 USD for a 4-person room with four beds and $350 USD for a 2-person room with two beds. A meal plan is included within the dormitory fees.

Important Notes

  1. Graduate School
    • All application documents must be original or properly certified copies of the originals.
    • All documents (except a copy of passport, ID and alien registration card) in a language other than English or Korean must be accompanied by a notarized English or Korean translation.
    • All submitted documents will not be returned.
  2. Graduate School of International Studies
    • All courses of ISP(International Studies Program) are conducted in English.
    • AITP (Advanced Interpretation and Translation Program) requires near-native proficiency in Korean.

Chung-Ang University
Address: 84 Heukseok-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, Korea

For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students

7 comments on “KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Chung-Ang University, Korea

  1. my name is nur annisa sigit, i’m indonesian. I want to follow this scholarship program. I’m graduate from high school, Is this apply for graduate from high school student? How can i apply? I’m sorry but i still don’t get it. Thank you and i’m sorry if any mistakes

  2. hi ..i’m Theresia from Indonesia..
    i would like to apply this scholarship program but still confused with the procedure ..i graduated from English Department of Maranatha Christian University in 2010 ..
    please inform me more about this, thank u..

  3. Hi, my name is intan, I’m Indonesian. I’m continue study in this scholarship program. I’m graduate from high school, is this apply for graduate from high school student? How can I apply?

  4. Hey how possible is it for me to apply a little late like after 16th march and still get accepted?like for the sake of international students is it possible to apply between now and april?hope to hear from you soon!


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