KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Daejeon University, Korea

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Daejeon University KoreaKGSP Application (University Quota)
Period: Jan. 28. 2013 ~ Mar. 15. 2013
Contact: Lee, Chang-Won, +82-42-280-2767,
Jang, Eun-Bi, +82-42-280-2124,

Campus Guide
Residence halls in Daejeon University are comprised of the 1st Residence Hall, the 2nd Residence Hall, International Residence Hall and the 4th Residence Hall and they are recognized as one of the most beautiful and elegant buildings in Korea and internal functions are also considered meticulously so that they can be linked each other organically. They have several types of rooms such as a room accommodating 4 students, 2 students and 1 student, and they can accommodate total 1,340 persons. The convenient facilities include a laundry room, an ironing room, a lounge, a fitness center, a space for table tennis, a computer lab, a cafeteria and a snack bar.

Important Notes - Required Documents

A. Mater Degree Course

  • Application(Prescribed Form)
  • Graduation Certificate of University(Prospective Graduate Certificate) or Academic Background Certificate(Possible for Bachelor Degree Certificate).
  • Transcript of Entire Year of University(Grade by percentage must be specified).
  • Certificate of Employment, Certificate of Career, Certificate of Research Performance, Recommendation Letter from Professor(if any).

B. Doctoral Degree Course

  • Application(Prescribed Form)
  • Certificate of Master Degree or Prospective Mater Degree Certificate(Copy of Mater Degree Certificate Acceptable).
  • Transcript of Mater Degree Course(Grade by percentage must be specified).
  • Certificate of Employment, Certificate of Career, Certificate of Research Achievement and Recommendation Letter from Professor of Dept. (if any).

C. Special Screening for Foreigners

  • The documents in A or B above must be translated into Korean and notarized before submitting them.
  • Original Copy of Certificate of TOPIK Level 3 or Higher(But, Level 4 or higher for Dept. of Korean and Korean Literature)
  • Study Plan(in Korean or English)
  • Documents related to Foreigners : Refer to D

D. Additional Documents(When admitted)

  • Certificate of foreigner of applicant and applicant’s parents
  • Certificate of Kinship between an applicant and parents
  • Copy of an applicant’s passport
  • Certificate of bank balance of an applicant or parents having more than USD $10,000(Deposit more than one month) (Valid Period of Certificate of Bank Balance : the end of Mar ch for application in the former period, and the end of Sep. for application in the latter period)

Daejeon University
Address: #409, Hyewha Culture Center, Institute of International Affairs
Daejeon University
62 Daehak-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon, Korea 300-716

For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students

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  1. Im very excited and interesting about korea and I hope to study there but I wanna get schoolarship. please give me more info about that and the procedur, thanks a lot :)
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