KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Dong-A University, Korea

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Dong-A University KoreaKGSP Application (University Quota)
Period: 2. 1(Fri) ~ 3. 29(Fri)
Contact: Ms Jane, Na(82-51-200-5502~4,

Basic Information of Dong-A University
Support Program for Foreign Students

  • International Students Counselling Center
  • Academic Affairs: Students Advisory, TOPIK Class, (Support for Texts&Lectures), Scholarship according to TOPIK scores (GKS student support), Academic Tutoring, Buddy Program: GKS Buddy, Global Mentor(1:1 Matching Buddy), Global Friends
  • Special Activities: Sports Competition, Field Trip & Camp, Student’s Festival, International bar, Yeosu Expo Visite
  • Other Contests(Play Festival, Composition, Speech Contest)

International Students Service Center(9 staff members speak foreign languages), Dong-A Hospital, 3 global libraries, 6 cafeterias, dormitory(newly furnished), The Health Service Center, Gym(Fitness Center, Pool), Dong-A University Museum, World-cup and Asian Game Stadium. The Career Center, Dong-A University Center for Women’s Career Development, Global Zone( is set up for international students and for the entire student body. Students can do various activities including studying foreign languages, taking lectures and making new friends

About Busan
Busan Features

  • Korea’s second largest city & the biggest port city, living expense is 2/3 of Seoul
  • Full of various cultural infrastructure + natural beauty
  • Various international events (APEC, the Pusan International Film Festival PIFF, International Fireworks Festival)

Attractions in Busan

  • Haeundae beach (the largest beach in Korea), Kwangan beach and the Diamond Bridge, Mountains(Geumjeongsan Mt., Jangsan Mt.,), Parks(APEC Nuri Park, Children’s Grand Park), Busan Museum of Art, BEXCO)
  • Leisure & Culture: Marine Sports, International Film Festival, Busan Sea Festival, Busan Fireworks Festival, Busan International Rock Festival, World cup Stadium, The largest department store in the world
  • Land marks includes: Busan Cinema Center, Bexco, Olympic stadium, ski resorts, Shinsegae Department Store (the world’s largest department store)

Dong-A University
Address: 37 Nakdong-Daero 550beon-gil saha-gu,Busan

For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students

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