KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Dongseo University, Korea

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Graduate School
Modern information societies demand intelligent leaders with an eye for understanding and the ability to read changes in the world. Intelligent leaders augment their knowledge in order to see the present, provide a vision for the future and serve mankind indefinitely. To foster the true intellectuals this era requires, Dongseo University’s Graduate School focuses on the development of world-class research beyond community and nation. In accordance with this goal, Dongseo University operates joint graduate program with the Technical University of Berlin, the University of Erlangen, and Ritsumeikan University, making it possible for our students at these schools to get dual degrees.

Dongseo University Korea

Graduate School of Design
Until now, the needs of producers and customers have taken the lead in the field of design. Designers have created products primarily to meet demands of producers and customers. However, designers in the future need to create a new paradigm for future design as well as to predict the needs of producers and customers. Facing the era of ‘Sensitivity’, ‘Creativity’ and ‘Science’, design is the center of change in the world. Dongseo University’s Graduate School of Design aims to cultivate students to be designers who can understand the change of time and create design culture for 21st century.

Graduate School of Mission & Welfare
We share the love and hope of humanity with all mankind! The Graduate School of Mission & Welfare works to foster Christian psychologists, leaders for church music leaders, and social workers who will help to decrease alienation, narrow the socio-economic gap and cure the spiritual emptiness and psychological anxieties of modern mankind with the Christian-based mentoring and psychological healing of the “Mission Spirit”.

Busan-Fukuoka Cross-Border Graduate School of Business Administration
A global business world has opened. The world needs managers with expertise in globalism to change the world. The Busan-Fukuoka Cross-Border School of Business Administration is established to educate experts who will lead in the development of the Busan-Kyushu region. The graduate school offers the best curriculum for forstering of professional business managers who will be well informed on both domestic and international economic and financial matters, as well as international business management.

KGSP Application (University Quota)
Period: January 28, 2013 to March 31, 2013
Contact: Center for International Exchange & Cooperation
Dongseo University San 69-1 Jurye 2-Dong, Sasang-Gu, Busan 617-716 Korea
Contact person : Dan Jung(Seunghong)
Tel. :+82-51-320-2092,2093, 2746
Fax : +82-51-320-2094
E-mail: Website:

Campus Guide (Resident Hall, etc.)
In an era of extreme competition that surpasses ideology, we nurture talent of the future in the educational environment we provide. Dongseo University is equipped with facilities such as an apartment-style dormitory with a mobile environment, a residence hall in China, and an ” International House”, that will serve as models for a globalized campus. With two basement floors and 13 stroies above the ground, the total building size of the International House is 5,948?. It has one room large enough to accommodate 400 people. It also has a gymnasium, community kitchens, lounges, banking facilities, and other conveniences to create a comfortable academic atmosphere for its residents. Our apartment-style dormitory is equipped with a mobile environment for the convenience of approximately 500 students from outside of Busan.

Dormitory Fee(GKS students)
All GKS students are provided the special favor that the dorm. fee is waived by DSU.


  • International Sports Day
  • International Camp
  • DS Global Tutoring Program
  • Annually Culture Experiences Program hosted by Busan city and DSU
  • DSU Festival, Busan City Tour

Dongseo University
Address: San 69-1, Jurye 2-Dong, Sasang-Gu, Busan

For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students

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