KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Jeonju University, Korea

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Jeonju University KoreaKGSP Application (University Quota)
Period: FEB 4. 2013 ~ MAR 30. 2013
Contact: Phone : +82-63-220-2122 / E-mail :
[International Education & Exchange Person in charge : Park Jong Seung]

Benefits for KGSP Scholarship Students

  • Priority in choosing a hotel-style dormitory room (2 students per room)
  • Support for 50% dormitory charge (2 students per room or 4 students per room)
  • Support for supplementary Korean language training(Free lessons)
  • In case the government-provided support does not cover the full tuition, our university will provide the additional funds to pay your tuition
  • Support for participating in graduate school research projects
  • Support for attending Korean cultural events (free admission)
  • Option of signing up for a meal plan in the cafeteria
  • Free Taekwondo lessons if the class is open
  • Exemption from fees related to the graduate school admissions process
  • Establishment of a website devoted to GKS graduate students in order to improve communications
  • Cooking facilities inside the dormitory (in a common area) and designation of a special area inside the dormitory for different cultures
  • Support for 50% Fitness Center fee when GKS graduate students want to use the facilities.

Benefits & Support for Academic Study

  • 1:1 Mentor Relationship with a professor as well as educational support
  • Tutoring Program: KGSP students are paired 1:1 with a Korean student, and they will also receive help and guidance regarding their daily lives in Korea
  • Improvement of one’s English language skills through lectures conducted fully in English
  • Counseling & advice for KGSP graduate students: Counseling regarding academic affairs, student life, future plans, etc.
  • Support from a research assistant appointed to help you register for classes and write your thesis
  • Opportunity to meet with and get advice from the School President and Head of the Graduate School on a regular basis.

Academic Facilities

  • Hotel-style dormitory
  • Modern lecture halls
  • Fitness center and various outdoor sports facilities

Support for employment

  • Priority in assistance with participation in the link between the Jeonbuk Regional Small & Medium Business Administration and the Organization for Supporting Exports
  • Priority in assistance with job support after graduating from Jeonju University Graduate School,
  • Preferential support for employment in Korean companies in one’s own home country for KGSP graduates

KGSP Graduate Student & Support

  • Support for safety and security from a staff member appointed to help
  • Security through an emergency network for KGSP Graduate students
  • Support for medical examinations and treatment at the student health services center
  • Staff assigned in case of accidents or any health-related incidents

International Day for International Students

  • Jeonju University has an International Day for international students during JJ Superstar Festival. Students from different countries run a PR booth for their culture and they can enjoy the festival as well as communicate with Korean students.
  • International students can have a ‘Get-Together’ with students from their countries and have a fun sharing their own traditional foods and snacks. Through this activity, participants take on the role of ambassador and introduce their native culture to Jeonju University campus.

Korean Paper Handicrafts
Jeonju is famous for its handicrafts with Korean traditional paper. Jeonju University runs a Korean Handicraft Exhibition Hall downtown. Among many different handicrafts International students can learn how to make Korean papers and experience lots of handicrafts made of Korean papers from real professionals in English.

Korean Traditional Culture Academy cooperated with Jeonju City

  • Jeonju University in association with Jeonju City run this program for international students of the University. It aims to foster positive interaction the Korean and international ethnic communities and create a constructive partnership through a process of first-hand experience of Korean traditional Culture.
  • Jeonju University offers 2 credits to participants of this program and it takes 4 days (32 hours) to complete. Jeonju City gives Certificates for completion of this program. Through this program, international students can go field trips, and experience very vivid and real Korean culture.
  • Jeonju University has offered this program to more than 1,000 foreign teachers and students including the teachers who came to Korean through EPIK program organized by National Institute for International Education (NIIED) of the Korean Government.

Counseling Program for International Students

  • University Counseling Center: psychological test and individual advice
  • Special lectures for international students: understanding the university and the culture
  • Mentor and Mentee program for international students
  • 1:1 Buddy Program for International students

Guide to the Hotel-Style Dormitory

  • 18 above-ground floors, 2 basement-level floors, 997-occupancy, ultra-modern hotel-style dormitory. Newly built in 2009. In each room, there is a bathroom, shower facilities, bed, storage closet, wireless LAN, individual heating and air-conditioning units, etc. There are laundry facilities as well as a convenience store, café, restaurant (with a VIP Lounge), etc. Top security measures include card-key entry on each floor.
  • Currently, we are building a special counseling room for foreign students in the dormitory (English, Chinese) Also, we are finishing up completing separate special cooking facilities for students. (electric range and other cooking facilities)
  • Each dormitory has the following: seminar room, outdoor area, study room, prayer room, language study room, music room, lounge, various fitness facilities. Special programs are provided in the seminar rooms for dormitory students, and free movies and various performances occur in the outdoor arenas.

Important Notes

  • All documents submitted should be originals.
  • The department and major cannot be changed after applying.
  • The university is not responsible for possible disadvantage from lack of required documents or imperfect papers. If the applicant fails to submit any important documents which can affect the result, he/she will be eliminated without further notice.
  • If any of the submitted materials contain false information, admission may be rescinded.
  • Applicants shall be responsible for any disadvantage (including the announcement of admissions decision) caused by failure to submitting required documents, erros or omissions in the documents, failure to following the requirements indicated in the admission guide, wrong address, being out of contact, failure to check the successful applicants, failure to execute procedures necessary to enter the country, etc.
  • Matters that are not included in this guide will be dealt with the admission procedures and regulations of the university.

Jeonju University
Address: 303 Chonjam-ro, Wansan-gu, Jeonju 560-759, Jeonbuk, Republic of Korea

For more information on scholarships, please read: Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) for International Graduate Students

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