KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Pukyong National University, Korea

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Pukyong National University KoreaKGSP Application
Application Deadline : 28 Jan (Mon) ~ 13 Apr. (Fri), 2013
Contacts : 82-51-629-5194, Email :

International Students Field Trip
An Event visiting a historical and traditional place near Busan to let international students and foreign professors(including a lecturer) experience Korean culture through outdoor activities and to provide chances to meet and associate between international students and korean students.
Activities : Visiting historical places, Experiencing Cultural programs and participating festival, etc.
Schedule : once a semester (April, October)

International Day
Event to help for international students to adjust their life in Korea and to solve the difficulties of international students so that students will be able to focus on their studies
Activities : Receiving and solving all kinds of questions about campus life and academic problems
Schedule : more than once a semester

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

16 comments on “KGSP Graduate Scholarships, Pukyong National University, Korea

  1. as other person above asked, I am curious to join this program. Unfortunately, I dont get a clear information how to apply. I really appreciate if you tell us how?

  2. annyeong-haseo .
    Sylvana imnida .
    I am university student . My major is Department of English Languange and Literature.
    I am from Indonesia . I love Korea very much . because it’s culture , not because their boyband or girlband. Although I have an idol there,but I want study there if I have a chance to go to Korea.
    I am interested to try. How i can get it?
    Thank you.
    Gamsa Hamnida. :D

  3. Is this confirmed that the deadline for applying to Pukyong university increased? I had read somewhere that it was 30 march 2012 earlier. Anyone please kindly reply me

  4. mau tanya apakah IPK d bwah 03 bisa mengikuti program ini????
    dan bagaimana cara untuk pendaftarannya????


  5. yg gw baca dr beberapa universitas partner ny pukyong..
    requirement ny:
    1. application form(hub universitas ny)
    2. bikin essay knp mo ikut nih program
    3. fotokopi paspor
    4. surat rekomendasi
    5. trasnkrip nilai
    trs yg aq baca dr bbrp web malah sekalian masukin pas photo..

    untuk lebih jelas mending tnya lgsung aja k office mrk..
    td pagi aq udah nelp ksn bt nanya soal application form..
    dengan bahasa inggris yg hampir 90% gw ga ngerti dy ngomong ap..
    gw bs nangkep kalo gw ga bs dftar untuk program ini T___T

  6. sir am a Cameroonian i will be very grateful if information on the KGSP and on how to apply the various programs application form and date line will be forwarded to me

  7. sir am a Cameroonian and will be grateful if information on the KGSP on it deadline ,application form and the various program offered

  8. i very interested with this program and i love anything about historycal. what the next step join this program? and where i can get this application?

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