Master and PhD Scholarships in Casimir Effect, The Delft-Leiden Casimir Research School, Netherlands

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Casimir PhD Program
The Delft-Leiden Casimir Research School

The Delft-Leiden Casimir Research School (Casimir) offers an advanced European scientific atmosphere to ambitious and talented MSc and PhD students interested in academic research, which crosses the traditional boundaries between fundamental and applied research and crosses the scientific disciplines.

The school is initiated by leading physicists from the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION) at Leiden University and from the Kavli Institute of NanoScience at Delft University of Technology.

The School is named after H.B.G. Casimir (1909-2000), professor in Theoretical Physics whose involvement in fundamental as well as applied physics left many traces in the Dutch scientific landscape. He is best-known for his discovery of the so-called Casimir effect and for his visions on science and research-management.

Fields of research and education
The Casimir research school offers research-programs and teaching programs in 6 focused areas:

  1. Molecular biophysics
  2. Physics of nanostructures
  3. Quantum matter and functional materials
  4. Quantum information and quantum optics
  5. Astro-particle physics and instrumentation
  6. Dynamic complex systems

Top-ranking researchers and teachers
In international rankings the cluster of researchers participating in Casimir is identified as belonging to the top of the European research universities, as testified by the publication and citation record of the individual professors. Many professors have won prestigious European and national grants, and participate in major international programs.

Gateway to a research-career
Graduates with a MSc or PhD degree find their way into academic institutions abroad, into many small high-tech companies as well as large international companies of which many are based in the Netherlands such as Philips, Shell, Akzo, DSM, ING, and ABN-AMRO.

More information about the Casimir Research School and living in the Netherlands can be found on our website:

Casimir PhD program
The Physics Institute at Leiden University and the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience at Delft have a limited number of PhD positions for students of exceptional quality. A committee of leading scientists of the Casimir Research School will make the selection. Based on your previous research experience and your interests, you will work on one of Casimir’s six research themes: molecular biophysics, physics of nanostructures, quantum matter and functional materials, quantum information and quantum optics, astro-particle physics and instrumentation, or dynamic complex systems

Casimir Program in short

  • For the most excellent students
  • Programme tailored to your own research plans and insights
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Intercultural / international
  • Independent research position
  • Good supervision
  • Courses & summerschool
  • General courses (English / presenting / writing your thesis)

In the Netherlands the Master and PhD are not combined, like is common in for example the US. As a Dutch PhD you are not a student but a scientific employee. The normal duration of the PhD-study is four years, which is strictly monitored to ensure that most PhD students finish their PhD-thesis within this time frame.

We are looking for
We are looking for creative and ambitious physicists that want to work in an interdisciplinary research environment. The ideal candidate has relevant research experience, excellent recommendations and is highly motivated. You have an MSc in physics or applied physics, or will get it within the next half year.

The appointment will be for a period of one year in the first instance. Provided you perform adequately, your appointment will be extended for another three years. A PhD position is a full-time employment position with a salary that is comparable to entrance level salaries in industry (€2042 in the first year and €2612 in the last year based on a full time appointment). There is no tuition fee.

Also you will receive an attractive benefits package, including a flexible work week, free high-speed Internet access from home, and the option of assembling a customized compensation and benefits package.

Application Procedure
Are you a creative and ambitious physicist? Visit our website and find out more about our PhD program. Please apply via our application from this website.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.


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