Master and PhD Scholarships, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia

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Tallinn University of Technology provides opportunities to the international students to study without paying the tuition fees. All PhD students can study free of tuition fees at TUT and receive additional support from the University and Estonian Ministry of Education. Additionally, each year a limited number of tuition scholarships providing exemption from tuition fee will be available to international students for the following Master degree programmes:

Scholarships for TUT Students
Once you are enrolled at TUT student and your academic excellence is demonstrated in your transcripts you also have a possibility to compete for a scholarships to cover your living expenses. Each year there are around 80 scholarships awarded to TUT students in the amount of around 110 000 EUR. Most scholarships are offered by the University donors - successful enterprises. Frequently these same enterprises offer additional opportunities such as thesis writing within the company, internships and even employment.

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