Master in European Business (MEB) Scholarships, ESCP Europe

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The Master in European Business (MEB) at ESCP Europe is a full time one-year, two-country programme in management with emphasis on a pragmatic approach to management and international skills.

The MEB’s structure has a truly international dimension. The MEB includes 2 semesters of studies on two campuses of your choice. The participants have the choice of studying on one of the 5 ESCP Europe campuses (Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid and Turin) or at one of the 3 partners institutions: MDI in Gurgaon (India), Tec in Monterrey (Mexico) and AIT in Bangkok (Thailand).

The MEB focuses on providing a practical hands-on approach. Participants undertake company consultancy projects in groups, and individual internships to gain transferable skills for the work place.

ESCP Europe values high quality education and we are dedicated to helping our students finance their studies in order to achieve their goals.

The Master in European Business programme (MEB) is pleased to offer 3 types of scholarships based on merit and financial need. They may be cumulative.

  • Scholarships based on financial needs: This scholarship of €3,000 each has been established to help any MEB students with proven financial needs pursue their studies.
  • Scholarships based on merit: Eligibility for this grant of 3,000 € each is based on results achieved during admissions tests. Decisions on selected students for this scholarship will be made by the MEB International Board of Directors.
  • Scholarships based on MEB results: These scholarships of € 2,000 will be based on results obtained during the MEB academic year. Successful students will receive this grant at the end of December.

Students earning a scholarship from the CROUS may continue to benefit from this scholarship during their studies in the MEB programme.

For more information on our scholarship programmes and details on how to apply, please contact your MEB Admissions Office only after you have received an offer to study in the MEB programme.



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