Master in Urban Vision and Architecture Design Scholarship Competition, Domus Academy, Italy

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Domus Academy and MH WAY are proud to launch
Intencity Competition - Building solutions for new city users
Master in Urban Vision and Architecture Design - September 2013

Domus Academy ItalyAll over the world cities are daily facing high flows of migration and movements of people, not only expanding city boundaries but also changing needs and expectations of urban living. Within a contemporary urban scenario which is constantly evolving and changing, we want to transfer the vibe of this dynamic urban culture into the urban project, to reactivate the voids of city centers, stitching the tissue and solving still undefined spaces. Investigating the needs and expectations of temporary city users and experimenting the most appropriate spatial solutions, we conceive the architectural project as an opportunity to interpret the new way of living in the city, producing density not only in merely volumetric terms but intensity of functions, interactions and urban qualities.

Candidates are requested to select an empty plot (not more than 1200 sq), located within a compact urban tissue of any city all over the world, being void, dismissed or under used, still looking for a new spatial and functional identity. Then, investigating habits, needs, desires and expectations of temporary city users – students, businessmen, daily commuters…– they are asked to design a mixed–use building, combining residence typologies, semi-private and public functions, able to re-activate the intensity of use of the space through the energy of the dynamic flows.

Thus, housing typologies, functions and spatial solutions should be investigated to interpret the way of living of the new temporary inhabitants of the city, taking advantage of their dynamic attitude as generator of urban intensity. Moreover, the same acupunctural intervention can be proposed in other empty spaces within the selected urban center, getting a wider strategical vision. Candidates should demonstrate their ability to conceive the architectural project as a process concurring to the definition of the urban pattern, by interpreting its physical, cultural, economical and social features. At the same time, they should be able to control the complexity of the architectural process, combining morphology, typology, technology and aesthetics at different scales.

In synergy with the MH WAY approach, they should envision a future urban scenario primarily centered on people and their not yet satisfied desires.

The competition addresses newly graduated students and young professionals in the field of urban planning, landscape and architecture who are interested in developing a personal approach and improving their architectural sensitivity according to urban transformation needs.

Projects will be selected and evaluated by the Faculty of the Master in Urban Vision and Architectural Design, Domus Academy and Naomi Hasuike for MH WAY.

Materials Required

  • Short written description of the project in A4 format (max 2 pages) in .PDF digital file.
  • Boards of project in A3 format (max 3 boards) 300 dpi resolution file in .PDF for .TIFF digital file.
  • Curriculum vitae of the participant in A4 format (max 1 page) in .PDF digital file.
  • Statement of purpose in A4 format (max 5 lines) in .PDF digital file.
  • Domus Academy application form*.

The candidates are asked to send their materials in one sole file in .PDF format.
Any further attached material will be considered a plus and will be evaluated by the jury.
*Application fee is waived for competition participants.


  • One scholarship covering 70% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program.
  • One scholarship covering 50% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program.
  • One scholarship covering 30% of the total tuition fee of the Master Program.

The works must be mailed to Domus Academy by and not later than 3rd May 2013.
Candidates will be informed about the results of the competition by e-mail on 17th May 2013.

Entry Delivery
Projects in digital format must be sent to the following e-mail address:

Paper works must be sent to:

Domus Academy
INTEN CITY Competition
Master Program in Urban Vision and Architecture Design
Via Carlo Darwin, 20
20143 Milan - Italy

Master Program Description
The Master Program in Urban Vision and Architectural Design, working on the interplay among the multiple project scales within the urban context, offers a vision where urban planning, architecture, landscape and design skills, social and economical analysis, converge to create a new professional identity, able to redefine the functions and aesthetics of the urban space.

Students learn how to produce an intensive series of design projects dealing with different urban scales and contexts, experimenting from initial analytical research to detailed levels of design; to introduce a variety of research, representation and design approaches, to select the appropriate methodologies and tools of working; to fill the gap between the different study fields and scales, and conceiving the project as part of the comprehensive urban space and its complex dynamics; to enhance the ability to produce strategic visions and future scenarios of urban development; to encourage personal critical design thinking, combining analytical rigor and design experimentation.

Candidates holding a first-level academic diploma or BA degree, or about to graduate within the academic year 2012/13 and with a knowledge of the English language (IELT S 5.0 academic or equivalent certificate minimum).

Property Rights
Every moral or paternity right as to the project remains property of the author. The projects sent to Domus Academy will not be returned. All the material must be the result of an unpublished work developed by the candidate, not to be used by the candidate in other or previous occasions.

Who’s MH WAY?
MH WAY, reflects the dynamic pace and continuously evolving nature of modern life and proposes an unconventional alternative to business and travel bags. The brand identifies itself with the designer Makio Hasuike approach: a passionate journey rich in original ideas and creative solutions constantly searching for new ways of fulfilling desires. MH WAY is a forerunner of new styles and iconic design. It continues to believe in the importance of innovation, as the best ideas are always the next ones.

For more information, please visit official website:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.


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