Master & PhD Scholarships, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), Korea

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Application Schedule

  1. Application
    • Spring Semester(2nd): Oct. 6 ~ 18, 2011
    • Spring Semester(3rd): Dec. 15 ~ 29, 2011
    • Online registration will be open until 17:00 of application due date.
    • Not allowed to apply for more than one major at the same time.
  2. Document Evaluation Results
    • Spring Semester(2nd): Oct. 25, 2011
    • Spring Semester(3rd): Jan. 5, 2012
    • Results will be announced on the DGIST website.
  3. Interview
    • Spring Semester(2nd): Nov. 7 ~ 8, 2011
    • Spring Semester(3rd): Jan. 9 ~10, 2012
    • Interview schedules can be different depending on the majors.
    • Details will be announced with the document evaluation results.
  4. Final Results
    • Spring Semester(2nd): Nov. 15, 2011
    • Spring Semester(3rd): Jan. 16, 2012
    • Final results will be announced on the DGIST website.

Fields of Study

  1. Brain Science
  2. Robotics Engineering
  3. Information & Communication Engineering
  4. Energy Systems Engineering

Eligible Candidates

  1. MS
    • Students who hold bachelor’s degrees or are expected to complete their bachelor’s degrees in February, 2012
    • Students who hold equivalent to or higher degrees than the bachelor that are approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  2. PhD
    • Students who hold master’s degrees or are expected to complete their master’s degrees in February, 2012
    • Students who hold equivalent to or higher degrees than the master that are approved by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Application Documents

  • Application Form: Online submission
  • Personal Statement and Study Plan: Online submission (You can choose your language: English or Korean. Also, it is available to write in both English and Korean)
  • Official Academic Transcript: PDF file attached to online submission
  • Degree Certificate (either completed or to be completed): PDF file attached to online submission
  • English Test Scores (optional): PDF file attached to online submission. TOEIC, TOEFL IBT, TOEFL CBT, TOEFL PBT, IELTS, or TEPS
  • Letter of Recommendation (optional): Direct submission from the recommender through e-mail. No limitation on the number of recommendation letter
  • Application Fee: Pay upon online submission (KRW 80,000 / US $80)

Online submission on the DGIST website (
(Please submit your application as soon as possible since the website for the submission can be busy on the last day)

Please make a single PDF file contain documents in the following order:

  1. Degree certificate
  2. Official academic transcript
  3. English test scores (optional)
  4. Any other certificates that show the applicants’ capability and possibility

The name of the file should contain the applied field, your first, and last name. (Ex: Brain Science_Johnny Depp)

Screening Process

Evaluation based on application documents

  • Evaluation based on application documents Assessment of the potential academic ability based on former college/graduate school’s transcript, personal statement and study plan, and English test scores.
  • Interview (only for the students who passed the documents evaluation)Evaluation of fundamental knowledge of the field of study, enthusiasm for research, potential ability to be a scholar, communication ability, etc, through individual and/or group interviews. More details are determined by each department.

Interview Contents by Department

Brain Science

  • Presentation in English PowerPoint presentation of up to 10 minutes(5-10 slides) about research experience or research topics of interest to applicants
  • Personal Essay (Topic: What would I be doing after 10 years from now?)Presentation of motivation and interests on a suggested topic
  • Interactive Discussion Applicants will be asked to participate in a scientific discussion as a small group and give a 15 minute-presentation.

Robotics Engineering

  • Questions on fundamental knowledge of the robotics related subjects or courses, enthusiasm for research, potential ability to be a scholar, communication ability, etc. in both English and Korean
  • A short presentation in English on the research experience, strength and week points, service, etc. for about 5~10 minutes and 10~20 minutes for MS and PhD respectively.

Information & Communication Engineering

  • Oral examination about foundation and applications of information & communication, computer, electronics, attitude, personality, and vision as an engineer.
  • English Presentation of up to 10 minutes (5 slides) about an important concept that you learned through your undergraduate core courses for MS degree applicants, and that is related to your future PhD research for PhD degree applicants. Assume that you will explain this concept to undergraduate junior/master level graduate students, not the interview committee members.

Energy Systems Engineering

  • Questions on fundamentals and specialized knowledge about application of Energy Systems Engineering such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Thermodynamics and Transfer phenomenon according to the applicant’s specialty background, and on culture, personality and vision as engineering student.

Registration of Admitted Students

Registration period and procedure

  • See the notice of final admission results.

Documents to submit

  • Admission confirmation (prescribed form)
  • Resident registration form (Foreigners must submit proof of Identification, such as a copy of permanent residence, citizenship or passport).
  • Official academic transcript
  • Degree certificate
  • English test scores (Students who submitted only)
  • Physical examination certificate


  • Admitted students should complete registration by submitting documents required by DGIST within the announced period. Otherwise, the admission is cancelled.
  • Submitted documents will not be returned. If any information submitted is not true, admission can be cancelled even after registration.

Tuition Fees: Full scholarship will be provided

Incentives for Education and Research

  • PhD degree candidate : 12,000,000KRW + a / year
  • MS degree candidate : 7,200,000KRW + a / year

Dormitory will be provided. (small utility fee will be charged)

International Exchanges

  • Opportunity of training in Johns Hopkins University (USA), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), etc. will be provided.
  • Participation opportunity for various international conferences held in USA, Europe, Asia, etc.

Military Service Substitution
Military service substitution can be provided to PhD students

Government Research Project

  • Participation in DGIST research project is available.
  • Participation in various projects related with KBRI (Korean Brain Research Institute) and DUP United-Campus (DGIST-UNIST-POSTECH) is available.

For further information, please contact the Student Admission Office at the DGIST
Tel: +82-53-785-5135(7), Email:, Website:
Address: Student Admissions, Academic Affairs Team, DGIST 50-1 Sang-Ri, Hyeonpung-Myeon, Dalseong-Gun, Daegu, Rep. of Korea 711-873

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