Master & PhD Scholarships, Dongguk University, South Korea

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Study and Research at Dongguk University (SRD) with Full Scholarship
This scholarship is offered to selected foreign students for graduate programs in the College of Engineering, Dongguk University, with the following package:

  • Benefit: Exemption from fees and tuition (Entrance Fee, Tuition Fee) during whole Graduate program.
    • Master’s program: tuition waive for 4 semesters
    • Ph.D. program: tuition waive for 6 semesters
    • Combined program of Master’s and Ph.D. program: tuition waive for 8 semesters
  • Support living expense
    • Master’s program(for 4 semesters) : 300,000 KRW / month
    • Ph.D. program(for 6 semesters) : 500,000 KRW / month
    • Combined program of Master’s and Ph.D. program(for 8 semesters) : 300,000KRW/month(1st semester~3rd semester), 500,000 KRW / month(4th semester~8th semester)
  • Korean language class offered for 6 months with no tuition fee
  • He or She must satisfy the followings to maintain the scholarship after the awards are made:
    • Work as a research assistant for any laboratories or research institutes of Dongguk University.
    • Publish one or more papers as a 1st author in SCI journals in addition to the doctoral dissertation for SRD Ph.D. Program
    • Submit one or more papers as a 1st author in prestigious Korean or international journals in addition to the Master’s thesis for SRD M.S.Program. The number of papers could be different depending on students’ supervisor or department students belong to
    • Must achieve over 3.5 of GPA in each semester. Student Activity Fees: From second semester, all SRD students should pay student activity fees (around 80,000~100,000 KW) per semester

The SRD program is scheduled to enroll about 20~30 students annually in each major of department throughout the college. Award decisions are made by evaluating the applicants’ academic achievements, potential, personal accomplishments.Records of past studies, a Study plan, Personal statement, Letters of Recommendation and other achievement records are all taken into consideration.

Application Timeline
The dates and deadlines below are for the application to the program that starts in Spring 2011. Please note the following schedule:

On-line Application: 2011/11/17 ~ 2011/12/02
Fill out the application form via the On-line Application System

Submission of Required Documents via e-mail (for all the applicants): 2011/11/17 ~ 2011/12/02

  • Copies(scanned files(JPG or PDF) of all required documents including Form1~Form4 (listed below) should be e-mailed to
  • If you do not send us the scanned files of the required documents by 2011/12/02, your application will not be accepted though you applied on-line.

Submission of Required Documents (only for the students admitted): 2011/12/23~ 2011/01/27

  • The required original documents with a copy of your Korean Visa must arrive at the Office of Administration, College of Engineering, Dongguk University via post.
  • Applicants must have already submitted the required documents via email.
  • Submit 2 photos (3cm X 4cm)

Admissions Decision Annoucement: 2011/12/22
Results will be posted on the College of Engineering Website

Orientation: 2012/02/29
Students must arrive in Korea before 2012/02/29

Required Documents
Please, apply online during 2011/11/17 ~ 2011/12/02. Otherwise, your on-line application information will be deleted.

1) Form 1: Application Form
Form1 contains your personal information. Please type in all the required information for each step of the on-line application. This form must will with CAPITAL ENGLISH LETTER and correct information.

2) Form 2: Study plan
Study plan should state your academic goals and personal statement. Include family background, academic achievements and accomplishments, employment experience and your reasons for applying SRD program.

3) Form 3: Recommendation Letter
One recommendation for Master’s program, Combined programs and two recommendations for Ph.D. program from teachers or professors are required. Complete your part of this form and give it to recommenders who know you well. Be sure to give them enough time to complete the forms before the application deadline. Recommendation Letter should be sealed in an envelope when you submit original document via post mail.

4) Form 4: Letter of Consent
The letter of consent should be completed with your signature.

5) Official Documents of Academic Transcript and Graduation Certificate

For Master’s and Combined programs of Master’s and Ph.D.:

  • Authorized Graduation Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree and Academic Transcript of Bachelor

For Ph.D. programs:

  • Authorized Graduation Certificates of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree.
  • Authorized Academic Transcripts of Bachelor’s and Master’s

Note: if you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate (for Ph.D.) program, you should submit an official document that indicate your expected date of Graduation Certificate.

6) A copy of the applicant’s passport

7) Copies of both parents’ passports (or other documents indicating parents’ nationality)

8) Official document indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and his/her parents

  • (Birth Certificate - Must Translated in English)

9) Mandatory: Official English Proficiency Report

  • Applicants should submit a score report of a recognized English proficiency (TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS and IELTS).
  • We only accept the Official English Proficiency Report and the score must have received after March, 2010 .

Note 1. Do not submit us an unofficial English Proficiency Report
Note 2. Applicants who do not have the official English Proficiency Report (TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS and IELTS) cannot apply according to the regulation of Korean Ministry of Education.

10) A score report of the Korean Proficiency Test - if applicable

11) Medical Examination Statement in English (Tuberculosis(T.B), High blood pressure, AIDS/HIV etc.)

Note: You can only use the following names for the attached file names when you e-mail us the copies of required documents. Otherwise, your documents will be rejected via e-mail. Also, Please, do not send us other documents except the above required documents.

  1. Your Name_Study Plan
  2. Your Name_Recommendation Letter
  3. Your Name_Letter of Consent
  4. Your Name_Transcript(MA or Phd)
  5. Your Name_Graduation Certificate (MA or Phd)
  6. Your Name_Passport
  7. Your Name_parents passports or ID
  8. Your Name_Birth Certificate
  9. Your Name_English Report
  10. Your Name_Korean Report
  11. Your Name_Medical Examination Statement

Additional Information

  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • Any applicants who provide false information or documents will not be admitted and their admissions will be annulled.
  • All documents should be in English.
  • All international applicants must submit official documents authorized by their respective governments indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and his/her parents. (Birth Certificate)

Mailing Address
Office of Administration, College of Engineering
Dongguk University
26, 3ga, Pil-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-715, South Korea
Tel: +82-2-2260-3862
Fax: +82-2-2260-8898

Contact Information
Ms. Mira Kim
Tel: +82-2-2260-3862
Fax: +82-2-2260-8898

For further information, you can visit website

Applicant Qualifications

  1. Foreign students whose parents are both foreigners are eligible to apply.
  2. Applicants must have received their entire elementary, junior high, high school, and undergraduate education outside Korea and hold a bachelor’s degree and are considered by the admission committee to be degree candidates from the Engineering or related schools.
  3. GPA of 70 or higher (on a 100 point scale) or place in the top 40% in course work required for program. Applicants who achieve a GPA less than 70 in their last educational shall be disqualified for scholarship.
  4. Language Ability (The official report of Language Ability is Mandatory to apply. If you do not have one of the followings, you cannot apply)
    • English: TOEFL PBT 550, CBT 210, IBT 80, TOEIC 700, TEPS 550, IELTS 5.5
    • Korean: if applicable

    Note: We do not accept the application without the official English Proficiency Report according to the regulation of Korean Ministry of Education.

Application Instruction

  1. Examination of the documents.
  2. Those who passed the examination of documents and enrolled in the Graduate school must enter Korea before the opening of the course.

Admission decisions are based on the candidate academic achievements.
The admission committee reviews a number of factors: Records of past studies (such as GPA), the study plan, personal statement and recommendation letters. Other achievement records and specific qualifications such as language proficiency are also taken into consideration.

Graduation Requirements for Graduate students

Enrollment Term
Students must have complete at least two years (four semesters) of Enrollment for a master’s or Ph.D. program and at least four years for Combined programs of Master’s and Ph.D. program.

Required Credits
Students must earn 24 credits or more for a Master’s program, 36 credits or more for Ph.D. program and 60 credits or more for Combined programs. Students must also score an overall GPA of 3.0 or above.

Thesis Submission Qualification Exam
Students must pass the major courses and foreign language tests to attain the qualification to submit their thesis.

For more information, please visit official website:

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  1. i really interested to get scholarship, but i wanna ask if i graduated of diploma and i want to continue, how?
    Because actually I’m still taking diploma in Malaysia by scholarship also, i will be finish on April.
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