Master Scholarship by Dutch Government, StuNed, Netherlands

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StuNed, Studeren in Nederland, is a scholarship programme focusing on mid-career professionals, as part of the bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands. The scholarship programme aims to contribute to the development of Indonesia through strengthening the human resources of Indonesian organisations. Individual applicants may apply for master degree or short courses in the Netherlands, whilst institutions may apply through the StuNed Group Application and/or for refresher courses.

The StuNed programme is supporting the Dutch policy for development co-operation with Indonesia and aims to contribute to the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals in 2015. The framework for the bilateral relations between the Netherlands government with Indonesia is laid down in the Multi-Annual Strategic Plan 2008-2011 (MASP). The overall objective is to strengthen bilateral relations and to support Indonesia in realizing its medium term development goals. The MASP aims to achieve the the following four strategic goals:

  1. Improved democracy, stability, human rights and governance, resulting in a just and safe society;
  2. Improved economic governance, resulting in sustainable economic growth and an equal distribution of growth through society, in order to decrease poverty more rapidly;
  3. Improved environmental and climate policy and implementation, resulting in increased use of renewable energy, sustainable management of natural resources, reducing emissions of greenhouse gas and adaptation to climate change;
  4. Intensified bilateral relations through a `comprehensive partnership framework`.

The StuNed programme focuses on generating and strengthening institutional capacity in support of the above mentioned strategic goals. Related study fields are: education, rural development, environment, water management and sanitation, trade, good governance and human rights, gender, and culture.

Candidate’s profiles
The target group for the StuNed scholarships programme will be Indonesian mid-career professionals. Priority will be given to candidates from Indonesian partner organisations of the Dutch Embassy: ministries, local governments, NGOs and in some cases also the private sector.

The ideal StuNed candidates is strongly committed to develop human resources in Indonesia; to increase the institutional capacity of the Indonesian partner organizations; to strengthen the bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands, and the effectiveness of the existing cooperation projects.

Eligible courses
In general, all international training and degree courses offered by Dutch providers are eligible, as long as the chosen programme is in line with the priority areas as mentioned in the Multi Annual Strategic Plan (MASP) 2008-2011. An overview of these courses can be found in

StuNed for Master Degree Programmes

Main requirements to apply:

  • be an Indonesian national;
  • have earned a S1 or Bachelor`s degree or its equivalent at a recognized university in Indonesia; be able to provide evidence of the academic achievements (minimum G.P.A. score 2.75):
  • relevant work experience for at least two years;
  • have an academic or professional background that is related to the subject of the course;
  • be full time available for the entire period of the study programme or course and be able to participate in and complete all courses;
  • TOEFL Computer based 213, or ITP 550, IELTS 6)
  • be admitted to one of the courses or programmes offered by Institutes of Higher Education in the Netherlands for the academic year 2010;
  • no age limit, but priority will be given to mid-career professionals.

Eligible study programmes
All master courses in with a duration of less then two years, and with a clear relation to the objectives of the StuNed programme.

The deadline for submission of complete application forms is 30 April 2010.
Application form can be download here

StuNed for Tailor-Made Training Programmes
Institutions, consortia and functional networks (hereafter called institutions/networks) may submit a collective application for staff upgrading. Training needs can consist of existing master courses (including the Dutch part of a double degree programmes) and short courses or tailor made programmes.

Priority will be given to the Indonesian partner organisations of the Dutch Embassy. Institutions and other organization related to the development sectors which are mentioned in the MASP are also eligible.

Tailor made programmes are defined as short courses of which the starting date, location and/or time frame is adjusted to the institutions requirements. The programme may take place entirely or partly in Indonesia or the Netherlands.

Detailed information on procedures, deadlines and guidelines for proposals and forms, please contact: general[at]

Refresher Courses
The refresher course is designed for the Dutch alumni and StuNed alumni in particular. The aim of refresher courses is to refresh and up-date the alumni with the latest knowledge and skill in their fields. Priority will be given to issues relate to the MASP.

Proposal may be requested by the institutions where the alumni work for. The entirely programme will be held in Indonesia for two weeks.

For more information on refresher course please e-mail: general[at]

Visit official website.


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