Master Scholarships in Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory ALGANT, Europe

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The ALGANT Master course is open to all interested students in Europe and elsewhere. The European Uni0n supports the course by financing about a ten scholarships for students outside the European Uni0n, and five for European students. Other sources of funding are also available and tuition fees are kept at a very reasonable level.

Students interested in applying have to complete the application. Below is a list of the documents that will be required in addition to the application form. Note in particular the English language proficiency requirement, since most courses will be in English.

Admission criteria
The ideal candidate must possess an academic degree from a program in mathematics lasting a minimum of three years (Bachelor). A thorough proficiency in English is required. In fact, every student of the ALGANT master will be offered the possibility to follow his entire curriculum in English. For each student a program will be tailored individually, but every student will have to go through at least two hosting institutions of the consortium.

Applicants should:

  • have completed a Bachelor of science degree in Mathematics or equivalent, with good results;
  • have a thorough proficiency in written and spoken English.

Application procedure.
The application will require the following elements:

  1. The application form; certified copies of all academic records of all courses taken at every institute of higher education attended, with a translation in English, or French, Italian or Dutch;
  2. A copy of the highest degree obtained, stating credits, grades and workload;
  3. A detailed curriculum vitae;
  4. A personal letter of motivation explaining the student`s interest in the ALGANT Master Course in particular and mathematics in general;
  5. Two letters of recommendation at least from academic staff members, in sealed envelopes sent to the ALGANT secretariat (a model is available);
  6. Proof of a thorough proficiency in written and spoken English, e.g. by a IELTS score of 6.5 (for non-native English speakers;
  7. Students from China should submit an Academic IELTS score; if possible proof should be submitted directly from the test Centrex); In individual cases the consortium`s commission will decide whether any exceptional circumstances, compensations or alternatives should allow for deviation from the admission criteria above, or for the absence of some of the documents required. Students should always contact the ALGANT office when there is any doubt.

Selection process.
The consortium`s commission reviews all applications to the ALGANT course, and selects those applicants to whom scholarships will be offered, based on academic merit, motivation, recommendations and chances of success in the programme. The selection process takes place early enough to allow for notification of final decision at least four months before courses start. Admission is final only when students have obtained the necessary visas, permits and insurance policies (the consortium will help with these procedures).

Tuition fees.
We distinguish three student populations. Third-country students: students from outside the European Uni0n (more precisely countries outside EU/EEA-EFTA, see the European Commission`s web-site) who directly apply to the ALGANT master course, whether they will eventually be funded through the Mundus programme or not. European students: EU/EEA-EFTA students who directly apply to the ALGANT master course, whether they will eventually be funded through the Mundus programme or not. Local students: that is students, European or not, who are admitted at the master level in one of the master courses of the partner institutions following the usual local procedure. The tuition fees (per year) are 8 000 Euros for third-country students and 4,000 Euros for European or local students. They are paid once a year to the consortium`s secretariat.

The consortium has created the ALGANT Excellence Scholarship programme (ALExS) and all students are invited to apply to it, in order to receive help to cover the tuition fees.

The Application form
Students applying for the ALGANT master course for the academic year 2010/2011 (courses starting in September 2010) must download and complete the application form, and return it (together with the documentation required, as listed on the instruction sheet) to the consortium`s Secretariat in Bordeaux, following the instructions on the form. For any questions, please write to one of the contacts. The application should be received before January 8, 2010, in order for the selecting committee to take its decision and submit the list of students to the European Community (by January 31, 2010).

Information for scholars
Thanks to the support from the European Commission, ALGANT is in a position to offer scholarships to scholars from outside of Europe. Every scholarship amounts to 1,200 EUR per week, for a mobility of two weeks minimum, and three months maximum.

It is expected that scholars interact in an active way with the ALGANT students during their stay at the partner institutions.

For application information please contact the ALGANT secretariat or any of the contact persons.


Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.


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