Master Scholarships in Fashion, Design, Visual Communication & Management, Istituto Europeo di Design, Italy & Spain

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Istituto Europeo di Design – IED is the promoting subject of this international selection in its locations of IED Roma, IED Milano, IED Torino, IED Venezia, IED Firenze, IED Cagliari, Como Accademia Galli, IED Barcelona, IED Madrid.

The purpose of the selection is to assign 38 scholarships for attendance of Master programs for the 2011-2012 academic year, covering different amounts of the tuition fees of the program of choice.

This special project is open to all international candidates aged between 20 and 45 years eligible by the below mentioned requirements: students not residing in Italy or Spain. Italian and Spanish students residing abroad are considered international and therefore allowed to participate.

The selection involves the publication of the projects on after a first evaluation, and the scholarship assignment after the below mentioned deadline.

Projects should be sent by e-mail to:, no later than Tuesday, the 20th of September 2011, 23.59 (Italian time).

Individual students can participate in the selection; for every program, one scholarship, covering the 50% or the 100% of the tuition fees for the chosen program, will be assigned. The scholarships will be assigned, whatever the program of choice, only to the 38 students whose projects have been selected by the IED Jury. The decision about the level of coverage of the scholarship (100% or 50%) will be based exclusively on the level of quality of the project, with 100% scholarships reserved only to a maximum of 15 students and only if they meet the level of excellence established by the jury. In case the level of the projects, for one or more of the below mentioned programs, will not be considered sufficient, IED will not assign any scholarship.

The Master courses for which the scholarship can be granted are the following, listed by area:


  • Fashion Design in English, IED Milano
  • Fashion Communication in English, IED Milano
  • Fashion Marketing in English, IED Milano
  • Fashion Experience in English, IED Milano
  • Diseño de Moda in Spanish, IED Barcelona
  • Diseño de Calzado y Complementos in Spanish, IED Barcelona
  • Diseño de Vestuario de teatro cine ópera y audiovisuales in Spanish, IED Barcelona
  • Luxury Marketing Management in English, IED Roma


  • Interior Design in English, IED Milano
  • Product Design in English, IED Milano
  • Design Experience in English, IED Milano
  • Interior for Commercial Spaces in English, IED Barcelona
  • Design Management in English, IED Barcelona
  • Diseño Sostenible de Producto – Innovación y gestión in Spanish, IED Barcelona
  • Food Design in Italian, IED Roma
  • Visual Communication Experience, in English, IED Roma
  • Yacht Design in English, IED Torino
  • Transportation Design in English, IED Torino
  • Advanced Design for Transportation, in English, IED Torino
  • Sustainable Architecture in English, IED Torino
  • Master of European Design Labs in Spanish, IED Madrid
  • Master of Product Design Labs in Spanish, IED Madrid


  • Web 2.0: diseño, comunicación, marketing y publicidad in Spanish, IED Barcelona
  • European Master of Fine Arts Photography in English, IED Madrid
  • Master of Interaction Design in English, IED Madrid
  • Master of Videogame Design in English, IED Madrid
  • Visual Communication Experience in English, IED Roma
  • Master of Communication Design Labs in Spanish, IED Madrid
  • Cartoon Animation in Italian, IED Roma
  • Graphic Design in English, IED Firenze
  • Brand Design in English, IED Milano


  • Brand Management and Communication in English, IED Milano
  • Master of Strategic Design Labs in Spanish, IED Madrid
  • Comunicazione per la Sostenibilità, in Italian, IED Torino
  • New Media Communication, in Italian, IED Cagliari
  • Design for Social Business in English, IED Barcelona and Milano
  • Arts Management in English, IED Roma, Firenze, Venezia
  • Como Accademia Galli
  • MA Contemporary Arts, in Italian

The scholarships will be granted at the following IED locations following the below mentioned distribution:

  • IED Milano: 9 scholarships;
  • IED Roma: 5 scholarships;
  • IED Torino: 5 scholarships;
  • IED Cagliari: 1 scholarship;
  • IED Firenze: 1 scholarship;
  • IED Venezia: 1 scholarship;
  • IED Madrid: 7 scholarships;
  • IED Barcelona: 8 scholarships;
  • Como Accademia Galli: 1 scholarship.

IED will try to distribute the scholarships following the winners location preferences whenever possible, but reserves the right to change the destination of the winner.

The scholarship , will cover only the tuition fees, of the above listed courses. The enrollment fees, housing and living expenses and other costs shall be covered by the winners.

Send by email to the following documents, project and portfolio (when required):

  • Detailed CV and motivation letter in the language of tuition of the Master program
  • Copy of the passport
  • Bachelor degree or a specialized three year diploma with transcript; for the Master programs in Design, this should be in the same area of the chosen Master program (Fashion, Design, Visual Communication or Management);
  • Certificate of knowledge of language of tuition (TOEFL score 450 or IELTS mark 5.0 for English, or equivalent for Italian and Spanish)
  • PROJECT: at least one picture, photo, video frame or drawing, which displays your idea in JPG, JPEG format, pdf or equivalent format, 1000 pixels minimum width, height of image as your project require (72dpi in file size up to 1mb); you can also send in alternative an audio or video file 60 seconds max length; please mention the program of your choice, the TITLE of the project and join a DESCRIPTION in this format, 30 lines maximum.
  • Portfolio (just for Master programs in Design, Design Management, Visual Communication and Fashion Design; the portfolio is not required for the Master programs of Design Experience, Fashion Experience, Visual Communication Experience and Management).

For more information, please visit official website:

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