Master Scholarships in Lifelong Learning (MALLL), Erasmus Mundus, Europe

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The European Masters in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management (MALLL) is a multi-site two-year programme, which was established in 2006 under the Erasmus Mundus Scheme. Since then this truly international programme has recruited students and scholars from over 40 countries around the world.

The programme aims at training professionals to develop and implement educational policies concerned with lifelong learning. Graduates of MALLL will be able to promote and manage innovative lifelong learning systems that are suited to the social and organsiational contexts in which they are undertaken.

The Erasmus Mundus Masters Course is provided by three European universities and an Australian university:

Admission and scholarships
The European Masters in Lifelong Learning: Policy and Management (MALLL) programme welcomes applications from students arround the world. You can apply as a self-funded student or you can apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Please look at the navigation menu on the left to see more details.

For all categories, your application must include the following documents:

  • Application form
  • Certified copies of academic transcripts (translated into English)
  • English language proficiency test certificate
  • An academic qualification essay based on research literature on any aspect of lifelong learning
  • One passport-size photograph
  • Two recommendation letters from former/current supervisors of which one must be academic referee.

Category A Scholarships (for third-country students)
The European Commission offers a limited number of Erasmus Mundus Category A scholarships for 3rd country (non-EU) students. A Category A scholarship is €48,000 which covers two-year tuition fee of Euro 16,000 and living allowances to study the MALLL programme.

Category A scholarships can be awarded to students from all countries other than the 27 EU member states and EEA/EFTA states: Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. Furthermore, you must comply with the 12 months rule: You must not be a resident nor have carried out main your activity (studies, work, leisure time etc.) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years in one of these countries.

Category B Scholarships (for European students)
The European Commission offers a limited number of Erasmus Mundus Category B scholarships for European students.

Category B scholarships can be awarded to any student who do not fullfil the criteria for a Category A scholarship i.e nationality requirement and 12 months rule.

A category B scholarship covers tuition fee and living allowance of € 500 per month for two years. Additional € 3000 is availbale for the mobility period in Melbourne.

The deadline for Erasmus Mundus scholarship applications for the academic year 2012-2013 is: 16 January 2012

Application results

  • The applicants, who are not selected for the scholarships, receive notification by email in March.
  • The scholarship applicants on the main list and reserve list receive the final results of their applications in late April /early May after the Consortium has received the final approval on selection from the European Commission.
  • When a main list student withdraws, he/she is replaced by the first eligible candidate on the reserve list. In this particular case, the eligibility criterion concerns the nationality of the reserve list candidate and the rule concerning the presence of a maximum of two nationals from the same country among the scholarship holders for a given category. If there are already two other students with the same nationality on the main list, the consortium will have to take the next eligible candidate respecting its own ranking list (European Commission’s regulations).

For more information, please visit official website:

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