Master Scholarships, Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS), UK

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IBERS International Masters Scholarship Initiative 2011
The Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) is committing up to £500,000 (~ $ US 0.8 million) for a five year International Masters Scholarship Initiative. The new scholarships form part of the IBERS vision to play a major role in addressing the global challenges of food, water and energy security through training of postgraduate students in the full range of discipline relevant to the biological and rural sciences.

Value: The 2011 scholarships will provide living cost support of £3,000 while studying in IBERS at Aberystwyth University for a Masters degree.

Number of scholarships: There are up to 20 IBERS scholarships available for 2011-2012

  1. 10 Food & Water Security Masters Scholarships
  2. 10 Specialist Masters Scholarships:
    • Managing the Environment (Pathways in Environmental Sustainability, Marine & Freshwater Systems, Habitat Restoration & Conservation and Bioenergy & Environmental Change ),
    • Equine Science
    • Animal Sciences
    • Livestock Science

Award conditions for 2011 Scholarships

  • Acceptance of a formal offer from Aberystwyth University to study as an international student for a Masters degree at IBERS at Aberystwyth during 2011-2012.
  • Completed registration at Aberystwyth University as an international student on an IBERS Masters programme starting 26th September 2011.
  • Commitment to disseminate the goals of IBERS towards addressing global challenges of the 21st century at home institution.

Closing date: The scheduled MSc Application closing date to be considered for a 2011 IBERS International Scholarship is the 18th July 2011.

Scholarship application procedure: A separate application form for an IBERS scholarship will not be required. Selection will be based on the student’s course application. International candidates will be notified of an offer of a 2011 Scholarship via email by Michelle Allen (IBERS Postgraduate Co-ordinator). Awardees will need to confirm their acceptance of this opportunity via email to Michelle Allen ( by no later than the 8th August 2011.

IBERS reserves the right not to offer all or any awards, subject to the quality of applications received. Award offers cannot normally be deferred to a later enrolment. IBERS International Masters Scholarships cannot be combined with any other awards/scholarships offered by Aberystwyth University. EU and UK fee paying IBERS Masters students are precluded for the award of an IBERS International Masters Scholarship.

For more information, please visit official website:

3 comments on “Master Scholarships, Institute of Biological Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS), UK

  1. I am a graduate student of forestry from pakistan forest institute (peshwar university).
    I consider myself eligible student.
    The main object of my study in IBERS is to research upon climate warming.rising earth temperature and melting of glaciers. How to control these burning issue and deficiency of basic resource like food. energy,water etc.
    I request to administrator please help me for this scholarship. I have willing power to activitly participate in above said research fields.


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