Masters Scholarships, POLIdesign, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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Research of eligible students’ for Masters Scholarships
Master Politecnico di Milano – Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano addresses your institution, which is a relevant reference point in the cultural and commercial exchange with Italy. requests your cooperation in propagating news about qualified opportunities of post-university training:

MDS - Master in Strategic Design
. Design of the Value Offering (in cooperation with MIP Politecnico). – 1st level – 11th edition, held in English. Design, management, technology and empowerment, for those oriented to work on the borderline between design and management.

Starting date: 28th October 2009 (duration 13 months)
Deadline: 23th October 2009

MBC - Master in Brand Communication, the Project, the Construction and the Brand Management (in cooperation with AssoComunicazione) – 1st level – 9th edition. To manage the strategic thought of the brand as a Strategic Planner, Product Manager, Account and Media manager.

Starting date: 26th October 2009 (duration 12 months)
Deadline: 18th October 2009

MDSPI - Master in Design for the Development of the Industrial Product
– 1st level – 4th edition. For the Product Design specialists, to run the entire procedure of realization of industrial products, from their conceiving to their production.

Starting date: 8th November 2009 (duration 12 months)
Deadline: 25th October 2009

MA&C - Master in Art Direction e Copywriting. The creative couple of the future – 1st level – 3rd edition. Duration 12 months. From advertising to global communication, with 11 art directors of important agencies, for the communication of the brand of the future.

Starting date: 24th February 2010 (duration 12 months)
Deadline: 19th February 2010

MYD - Master in Yacht Design
– 1st level - 8th edition. It supplies the cultural and technical instruments in order to manage the planning and the constructive distance of a boat, sail and motor, from the project brief until the definition of the general plans, to the hydrostatic and hydrofoil calculations, to the preparation of the interior ones, the deck and the board equipments, to the system equipment, the production in shipyard and the central of its executive parts.

Starting date: 2nd March 2010 (duration 12 months)
Deadline: 31th January 2010

The complete information about the masters and the courses is on line in the site

For each of these courses our Academic Partners offer some scholarships (50%) to the eligible foreign designers, students and architects interested in specializing in Italy.

In order to be considered for a scholarship it is necessary to send a curriculum vitae and have a fairly good knowledge of the Italian language.

We’ll be glad if you could help us in finding some eligible candidates.

For further information you may contact us at the phone number +39 02 23995911 or e-mail address: formazione[ at ]

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.


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