MBA Future Entrepreneur Scholarship, HHL Europe, Germany

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The HHL Future Entrepreneur Scholarship focuses on prospective full-time MBA students who bring their entrepreneurial potential to HHL and who seek to start their own business after graduating from HHL or who have already started it. During their time at HHL the successful applicants will participate in the student initiative and are asked to introduce their business concept in at least one of the events.

HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Germany

The scholarship will provide the successful candidates with a tuition waiver worth up to EUR 13,500.

With its HHL Future Entrepreneur Scholarship HHL offers two scholarships a year that support HHL’s mission to “educate effective and responsible business leaders through excellence in teaching, research and practice.”

Applicants from all countries for the full-time MBA Program.

Requirements and Deadline
Applicants must hold a first degree (at least 180 ECTS credits) with an above average result.

Furthermore a GMAT score of at least 650 is required. The scholarship is offered to full-time MBA applicants 2014 intake only. Applicants are required to submit all scholarship application documents by April 1, 2014, together with the program application documents.

Scholarship Business Plan
Please submit the following essay to us: Business planning concept: How does your business concept look like and how can it be implemented?

Answer this question on the basis of a sound theoretical reasoning and show how it can be applied to practice. The essay has to be written in English and should comprise approximately 3,000 words.

Application Documents

Please submit your scholarship application via e-mail to: margarita.saglam(at)

Margarita Setska
Student Recruitment Manager
T +49 341 9851-889


Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

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