PhD Scholarship in Health Economics, University of Southern Denmark

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The Research Unit of Health Economics at The University of Southern Denmark is advertising a PhD scholarship within the area of Behavioural Economics. The PhD project should involve research on citizens’ health choices and preferences for health.

The successful applicant for a PhD scholarship must have demonstrated a research potential as reflected by the grades obtained and the quality of the master thesis. Applicants are expected to have an educational background in economics or a related subject corresponding to the Danish degrees cand.oecon., cand.polit., cand.scient.oecon. or cand.merc.

The application must include a synopsis (maximum 5 pages) describing a research proposal related to the topic area of the scholarship. Dialogue with one of the contact persons below is possible. The proposal may be further elaborated upon during the first three months of the scholarship.

The successful applicant will have the Research Unit of Health Economics in Odense as place of employment and will be expected to participate actively in departmental activities Non-Danes are expected to acquire a basic knowledge of the Danish language, in particular reading skills, during the first year of the scholarship.

Employment as a Salaried PhD Research Fellow is governed by the agreement of October 1st, 2008 on Graduate Employees in government, appendix 5 – protocol on PhD Research Fellows. Annual starting salary level for new graduates is app. DKK 300,000 plus pension scheme.

PhD scholarship models
The PhD scholarships can either be accomplished in terms of the so-called 5+3 model or the 4+4 model. Scholarships according to the 5+3 model can be given to applicants with a master‘s degree and have a duration of 3 years. Scholarships according to the 4+4 model can be given to applicants, who have passed the 1st year of their master’s studies, and have a duration of 4 years.

As part of the PhD program the PhD student must complete an individual planned course program. The PhD student must also achieve teaching experience during the research education. The PhD student is expected to spend a certain period with a relevant foreign research institution, normally one semester. The Research Unit for Health Economics appoints a supervisor and possibly a co-supervisor.

Application procedure
Applicants for a PhD scholarship must fill in the application form available on our web page under the section Application forms for enrolment. Here you also find guidelines for preparing your project proposal (synopsis) within the PhD Programs for Economics. In addition to the project proposal, an abstract of no more than 250 words must be included and forwarded together with a detailed CV, information on teaching experience or other forms of knowledge communication and if relevant a list of publications. Applicants under the 5+3 model should furthermore submit a certified copy of Master’s degree certificate including examination results. All non-Danish documents must be translated into English and certified.

Applications will be evaluated by the course committee in Economics under the PhD School. The assessment regarding your application will be forwarded to you, when the assessment has been completed.

With a view to promoting equal opportunities in academic positions, the Faculty encourages all interested persons to apply, regardless of age, gender, religious affiliation or ethnic background.

Please send in 4 copies of the application including application form, curriculum vitae, project proposal (synopsis), abstract, academic diploma, list of publications if relevant and publications if any, marked “Position No. 351/577-115761” to the University of Southern Denmark, The Faculty of Social Sciences, Campusvej 55, DK-5230 Odense M, Denmark. The application must reach the University no later than Wednesday June 15, 2011 at 12.00 noon.

Information about the PhD programme at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Southern Denmark, can be found at: For further information contact Professor Mickael Bech, phone: +45 6550 4234, or Professor Dorte Gyrd-Hansen:

For more information, please visit official website:

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