PhD Scholarships in Mathematics in Informatics, University of Calabria, Italy

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The principal, transversal and common objective, of the Doctorate School is high level scientific and methodological preparation. The basic and unifying approach in the preparation of PhD students is symbolic-formal and logic-deductive. The School has the aim of providing PhD students with the knowledge and modalities to use the formal methods, models and tools to solve problems in different study and applicative sectors of science, engineering and technological innovation. Moreover, the School intends also to provide opportunities for the application of formal methods and tools to applicative contexts in the different sectors of technological and organisational innovation.

An emerging figure in this sense is that of the specialist with solid logical-mathematical knowledge provided with a good, basic engineering preparation, who enters into planning groups to develop models, systems and tools that lie at the basis of innovation in the different industrial, commercial and scientific sectors. The PhD graduate of the School in “Systems Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics and Operational Research” therefore blends a solid knowledge of basic mathematics, logic, informatics and management with a capacity to operate and interact actively with all the actors of technological innovation processes.

The School, harmoniously uniting the scientific-mathematical area with that of information engineering, constitutes an ideal place for the attainment of this kind of cultural preparation, which is held to be essential for obtaining the high profile, scientific longevity and elevated skill of the PhD students. Having acquired this patrimony the PhD graduate of the School will be able to face up to specific advanced research themes and principles of innovative applications in a solid and profound manner.

Administrative Location: University of Calabria – Department of Mathematics. Total scholarships, number of grants and duration:

total scholarships: 2
University grants: 1
scholarships without grant: 1

duration: 3 years.

If public or private funding should be available, further grants will be offered.

The school features three PhD programs:
1. Doctoral Program in Mathematics and Informatics
2. Doctoral Program in Systems Engineering and Informatics
3. Doctoral Program in Operations Research

Applicants admitted to the school will be assigned to one of the above three programs, based on their Curriculum Vitae and on their Research project.

You can find all information from the following links:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.


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