PhD Student in ICT, Media and Learning, Umeå University, Sweden

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Umeå University - with its 36,700 students and over 4,200 employees - is an organisation in constant change and development. Umeå University conducts groundbreaking research within several areas - several in which we are among the best in the world - within others regarded as the leaders in Sweden. We are one of Sweden’s largest providers of education and offer a broad and attractive range of courses and programmes. Our campus constitutes an inspiring environment for everyone that studies and works here. We wish to co-operate with companies and organizations throughout the Umeå region and all over the world.

Two PhD-student positions within the field of ICT, media and learning

The Department of Applied Educational Science has over 110 employees involved in education, research and consultancy work. The Department has a broad profile that is based on an interdisciplinary and practice close basis. Our researchers are looking into the conditions for learning in the social, cultural and institutional contexts, the influence of information technology on learning, as well as assessment and evaluation.

Description of the PhD projects

Mobile learning at schools (reference number 313-743-11): The PhD research project focuses on the development and analysis of Technology Enhanced Learning and Computer Supported Collaborative Learning with mobile devices at schools. The underlying assumption is to use such tools for teaching and learning and to investigate and problematize different didactical solutions for that purpose.

Creative Learning Cultures (reference number 313-888-11): The PhD candidate will work in the field of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and the development of fostering creativity in learning processes. The underlying assumption is that students must be encouraged to learn to think in multiple ways and reach beyond the spectrum of available options to form new ideas between established elements as well as to discover entirely new concepts or previously unconsidered connections, to become creative (creative thinking, creative actions).

Appointment as a PhD student requires that both the general as well as the specific requirements to be fulfilled, for admission to one of the following department’s PhD programs: Applied Educational Science (PhD-program: educational work), Education or Informatics. A person who, before 1 July 2007, fulfilled the requirements for general eligibility, i.e. at least 180 credits or the equivalent has general admission until the end of 2015 (HF chapter 12, §11). A student who in other ways, in or out of the country, has acquired the equivalent knowledge should also be declared eligible for admission to postgraduate studies.

A PhD-student position also requires good analytical skills and good ability to communicate orally and in writing, in both Swedish and English. The applicant who lacks such knowledge in Swedish is expected to have acquired them after two years.

A complete application (preferably in English) should contain the following:

  1. CV
  2. Copies of academic grades showing that you meet the prerequisites of a PhD-position
  3. Personal letter describing yourself and your reasons for applying, your expectations and your ambitions in being a member in our organization. Also, indicate interest of teaching (1-2 pages)
  4. Research plan: a brief report based on your research interest and the link to the orientation of the research projects described above.
  5. A copy showing your scientific writing (e.g. undergraduate thesis)
  6. At least two references
  7. Chosen PhD subject

Further information
A PhD program includes four years of full time study (240 credits). Possibility of some teaching may be offered at the department where the student is admitted and the position can then be extended by the corresponding time.

The candidate should have an interest in supporting the research team at the Department, for example, help in writing project proposals and supporting events. PhD-studies take place in accordance to the curriculum of the subject the candidate is admitted to and in cooperation with the department of Applied Educational Science.

You can read more about postgraduate studies at the website of the Faculty of Social Sciences:

Starting Date: As soon as possible.

For further information please contact Professor Isa Jahnke +46 90 786 9798 (English), (
Union information is available from SACO, +46-(0)90-786 53 65, SEKO, +46-(0)90-786 52 96 and ST, +46-(0)90-786 54 31.

The procedure for recruitment for the position is in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance (chapter 12, 2 §) and the decision regarding the position cannot be appealed.
If you are applying for several positions with different reference number, you must submit one application for each position. Documents sent electronically should be in MS Word or PDF format.

Your complete application, marked with reference number 313-743-11 (Mobile learning at schools) or 313-888-11 (Creative Learning Cultures), should be sent to (state the reference number as subject) or to the Registrar, Umeå University, SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden to arrive October 24, 2011 at the latest.

For more information, please visit official website:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.


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