PhD Student Positions, San Diego State University, California, USA

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Ph.D. Student Positions at San Diego State University, California, USA

Ph.D. student positions in Engineering Sciences or Computational Sciences are offered in the Powder Technology Laboratory ( – a world leading center in sintering research at the San Diego State University.

Ph.D. projects will be of an interdisciplinary nature focused on the experimental or computational materials science. The successful applicants should have strong academic records and should be highly motivated to conduct experimentation or mathematical modeling and simulation on real-world processing of novel material systems for a number of cutting-edge technological applications.

Admission criteria and application procedures are available at and for Engineering Sciences and Computational Sciences programs, respectively.

The positions assume a tuition coverage support and a competitive stipend.

The application deadline: February 1, 2011.

For further information please contact Professor E. Olevsky at

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  1. i wish for your field of study which have always be my field, i meam about your computation, am a fast leaner and i promise to work to the best of my ablity and to your greates satistfaction, i wish this my application should be given an appointment offered, thanks


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