PhD Studentship in Animal Nutrition and Food Safety, Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy

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The University of Milan announces a competition by selection on the basis of academic qualifications for the admission of non EU citizens to the following Research Doctorate/Ph.D. degree course:


A modern development on the theme of third-level training in the area of the veterinary sciences that come under the remit of this School must take the form of an integrated project tailored to achieve global prevention for mankind, for animals and for the environment. In the first place, it must envisage a three-part or three-sided structure encompassing: the study and control of animal feeds and the methods used to administer them, tested on both animals and the environment; the study and control of animal health, whose actual clinical and both physiological and pathological effects have been verified; the study and control of products with an animal origin, tested for human and environmental health. In general, the scale of investigations conducted is expected to vary from research projects aimed at using techniques of molecular biological diagnostics, including nanotechnologies, to perceive the finer mechanisms of action of a substance or an effect, to classical clinical, biochemical and pharmacological research projects, whose aim is to determine the response to an effect or also merely to prevent the occurrence of pathologies rather than cure them.

In order to conduct this research activity, postgraduate students will be able to make use of the skills already to be found in the School with regard to anatomy, physiology, genetics, technologies of reproduction, diagnostics and medical and surgical therapy, oncology, animal feeding and nutritional and metabolic pathologies and the application of feed inspection technologies to guarantee the quality of products with an animal origin.

The system of training credits is applied in the School’s educational and training activities. All postgraduate students are expected to acquire at least 45 credits in these activities, with methods for verifying and recognising the credits.

The activity of academic and training research constitutes the School’s most important commitment and will be conducted by the postgraduate students under the guidance of a tutor.

Applications for selection are invited from non EU citizens who do not come within the purview of Italian Legislative Decree N° 286, dated 25 July 1998, as amended by Law N° 189, dated 30 July 2002 and hold a foreign degree. The candidates’ degrees will be recognised as equivalent to the Italian “Laurea magistrale” (exclusively for the purposes of this competition) by the competent Academic Board.

The University can at any time exclude candidates lacking the admission requirements.

Application deadline
The application should be submitted using the attached form available on the University web site and must arrive, together with the qualifications listed below, by 15 September 2011 using one of the following methods:
- by fax to: +39-02-50313731
- by e-mail to:
- by post to:
Magnifico Rettore
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Festa del Perdono, 7
I - 20122 Milano ITALY

Applications and qualifications arriving after the deadline (15 September 2011) will not be considered.

Candidates will apply for a single Research Doctorate/Ph.D. Degree Course; should a Graduate School involve different Research Doctorate/Ph.D. degree courses, applicants will opt for only one among those indicated.

The application form must be completed in all its parts.

The following documents must be attached to the application form:

  • a certificate related to the most recent academic degree, translated into Italian or English;
  • a curriculum studiorum stating examinations taken and grades gained with a brief description of their contents; the curriculum should be accompanied by a report on any research carried out by the candidate;
  • a list of publications (if any);
  • a letter of recommendation by the teachers or tutors who supervised the candidate on his/her studies at Home University;
  • any further candidate’s qualifications that should be taken into account, including the study and research programmes he/she intends to carry out in Milan.

All documents must be in Italian or English, or accompanied by a translation into Italian or English.

Admission and enrollment
Admission to a Research Doctorate/Ph.D. Degree Course is decided by the Academic Board. The Academic Board’s decision will be made known through a list of admitted candidates available on the University web site by 12 October 2011.

No personal communication relating to the results of the competition will be given.

Winners should enrol, under penalty of exclusion, by 31 October 2011 by presenting the following documents to the address given in article 4:
a) the enrollment form, available on the web site at the address:
b) photocopy of an identity document
c) a passport-size photograph
d) qualification translated by an official translator and certified by an Italian diplomatic office (Embassy or Consulate) in the country where the qualification was obtained
e) “declaration of local value” issued by the same diplomatic office.

Studentship assignment
Successful applicants, whose annual income does not exceed € 15,000.00 (occasional self-employed work incomes are excluded), are entitled to get a scholarship amounting to € 13,638.47 (gross total) per year. If an applicant selected to receive a studentship fails to enrol, the studentship will be assigned to the selected applicant following in the list.

For more information, please visit official website:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.


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