PhD Studentship in General Linguistics and Phoenetics, Stockholm University, Sweden

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The Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University invites applications for three four-year studentships within its PhD programme in Linguistics with a specialization in General Linguistics and/or Phonetics, with start date January 1, 2010. The thesis project should involve one or both of the profile areas of the department, namely, language typology.

The deadline for applications is October 29th, 2009.

Applications should be sent by ordinary mail to Stockholms universitet, Registrator/PA, 106 91 Stockholm, Sweden, and should include the following:
1. CV with information about earlier studies, jobs and publications;
2. a copy of written works that are referred to in the application;
3. contact information for two reference persons;
4. a sketch of up to 6,000 words describing a possible thesis project.

Please indicate the reference number SU 617-2167-09 on your application!

Further inquiries should be directed to Professor Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm (tamm[at] for General Linguistics, and Professor Francisco Lacerda frasse[at] for Phonetics.

General information
Applicants must have an undergraduate degree including at least an equivalent of the Swedish `magister` programme in General Linguistics. This programme focuses on linguistic theory and comprises four years of study including the writing of two research papers. Applicants from all countries are welcome. Knowledge of Swedish is not a formal requirement but students are strongly advised to acquire a working knowledge of Swedish as soon as possible (language courses are offered by the university). Additional details on the general admission requirements for postgraduate studies at Stockholm University can be found at

During the period of the studentship, the student is a regular employee of the University. The beginning salary is 21,600 SEK a month (approximately 2,100 Euros or 3,100 USD).

The first period of employment is for one year. The employment contract can then be renewed for at most two years at a time, up to a total of four years, or, if the student accepts teaching or administrative duties at the department (not exceeding 20% of full time), maximally five years.

The Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University ( has about 60 employees, which makes it one of the larger departments at the Faculty of Humanities. The department is organized into six sections, namely, General Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Phonetics, Sign Language for the Deaf, Swedish for the Deaf, and Modern Greek. The research at the Department of Linguistics belongs to one of fifteen areas at Stockholm University which have been graded as `leading research` in the sense of being nationally leading and having a high international status (see

The department is a member of the Human Language Technology Center in the Stockholm-Uppsala University Network (, and participates in the Swedish National Graduate School of Language Technology (GSLT,

Application Web Address:

Contact Information:
Professor Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm (for General Linguistics) tamm[at]
Professor Francisco Lacerda (for Phonetics) frasse[at]

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