PhD Studentship in Muscle Physiology, Uppsala University, Sweden

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Department of Neuroscience (Section for Clinical Neurophysiology), Uppsala University, Sweden

Research project
The candidate will focus on the “Molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying muscle weakness in a nemaline myopathy mouse model”. Various techniques related to cell physiology and molecular biology will be applied.

A Master Degree in relevant discipline with strong background in muscle biology is required. Moreover, the candidate must show strong interpersonal and communication skills.

It will be available for 4 years (The amount per month and the starting date have to be discussed).

Please send a letter of interest, transcript, cv/resume and the names of two references as soon as possible. We will continue our search until a suitable candidate is found.

Julien Ochala, Ph.D., Docent
Institutionen för Neurovetenskap,
Klinisk Neurofysiologi,
Akademiska Sjukhuset, Ing 85, 3 tr,
Uppsala, SE-751 85
Phone: +46 186112975
Fax: +46 18500952

E-mail: julien.ochala[at]


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