PhD Studentship in Theoretical Physics, Umeå University, Sweden

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The Department of Physics invites applicants for a PhD student position in Theoretical Physics specializing in Nonlinear Physics: Theory and Modelling. The research subject will focus on hydrodynamic-like effects in new materials with applications to organic electronics and quantum media such as crystals of molecular magnets.

In organic semiconductors, we are first of all interested in the process of doping, in which the active polymer material is transformed from an insulating state to a state with metallic conductivity, with the following production of light-emitting p-n junctions. The complex dynamics of charges in a polymer organic semiconductor (electrons, holes, positive and negative ions) exhibits a rich variety of interesting nonlinear effects like wave-fronts and instabilities. This part of the research will require theoretical development and numerical solution of nonlinear models within the diffusion-mobility approach.

In the case of crystals consisting of molecular magnets we are interested in the dynamics of magnetic avalanches of spin-switching in magnetic fields, which demonstrate a striking similarity to combustion phenomena. In magnetic avalanches, the Zeeman energy of the molecular magnets plays the same role as the chemical energy in combustion, and the zone of energy release may propagate due to thermal conduction or shock waves. This part of the research will concentrate on the dynamics of magnetic deflagration (a slow subsonic regime) and magnetic detonation (a fast supersonic regime), as well as the possibility of transition from one regime to the other induced by deflagration instabilities.

We are looking for a person interested in theoretical physics and with good skills in numerical methods. Previous experience of working in nonlinear physics, combustion, hydrodynamics, plasma physics or solid state physics is desirable, though not mandatory for an applicant. Good communication skills in written and spoken English are required.

You have an excellent opportunity to do world-class research in a cozy university town in the middle of magnificent Scandinavian nature!

The position is a full time position extending for four years. Opportunities for part-time teaching (max 20%) may be offered. If so, the total time for the position is increased accordingly. The position is planned to be filled in September/October 2011.

Information about the Department of Physics may be found at; see also for a general presentation of Umeå and the University.

The recruitment procedure will follow the Higher Education Ordinance (Högskoleförordningen Chapters 5 and 7). Prerequisites include 240 ECTS credits (högskolepoäng) of higher education studies of which 60 should be on an advanced level (Master’s level). In addition to these requirements, 120 ECTS need to be in physics.

The application can be submitted either electronically or in paper form and should contain:

  • A cover letter summarizing your qualifications and motives for applying,
  • A curriculum vitae,
  • Copies of degree certificates,
  • Relevant publications, if any,
  • Names and contacts of 1 to 3 references.

For further information about the position, please contact Professor Vitaly Bychkov (phone +46 90 786 7932, or Professor Mattias Marklund (phone +46 90 786 9682,

Union information is available from SACO, +46-(0)90-786 53 65, SEKO, +46-(0)90-786 52 96 and ST, +46-(0)90-786 54 31.

Applications will be discarded or, if the applicant so wishes, returned two years after the position has been filled. Documents sent electronically should be in MS Word or PDF format.

Your complete application marked with reference number 223-1198-11, should be sent to (with reference number on the subject line) or to the Registrar, Umeå University, SE-901 87 Umeå, Sweden to arrive August 6, 2011 at the latest.

For more information, please visit official website:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.


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