POSCO TJ Park Foundation Research Grants for Asian Studies, Korea

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POSCO TJ Park Foundation 2013 Research Grants for Asian Studies
POSCO TJ Park Foundation is an independent and non-profit organization fully financed by POSCO, one of global leading steelmakers. The Foundation has been contributing to the future of Asia by expanding its range of the social responsibilities through cultivating leadership for the next generation, realizing Asian networking, and sharing project for public interests.

To facilitate mutual understanding between Asian countries, the Foundation has launched the Research Grants for Asian Studies in liberal arts and social sciences fields as follows.

The goal of POSCO TJ Park Foundation Research Grants is to support Asian studies to promote mutual understanding and cooperation in Asia, so that the research themes are generally open to fields of liberal arts and social sciences including history, archeology, science of religion, geography, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, literature, psychology, management, economics, etc.

Research themes for this year:
Any topics in the fields of liberal arts and social sciences concerning Asia

Make a proposal of a research project and carry it out, suggesting new theories or analyses related to Asian region through empirical studies, field studies or literature studies

The qualified applicants are full-time faculty members and research staff at universities in Asia

Duration of grant: March 1, 2013 ~ February 28, 2014

The value amount of grant is up to US$10,000 per project. (Researchers are requested to make application after calculating proper budget according to each subject. The value amount of grant can be adjusted after discussions on application.)

Deadline for application: APPLICATION SHOULD BE RECEIVED BY E-MAIL NO LATER THAN November 28, 2012

Announcement of results: the Foundation announce it on its website (http://www.postf.org) in the end of February 2013

Grant payments: Three times on an installment basis

  • 1st: 50% of the total research expenses to be paid via a relevant university after completing agreement on the research grants
  • 2nd: 30% of the total research expenses after receiving and appraising an interim report
  • 3rd: 20% of the total research expenses after receiving and appraising a final report

Report submission;

  • Interim report: by August 31, 2013
  • Final report: by February 28, 2014

Applications should include the following:

  • Application Form for Research Grants
  • Research Plan
  • Details for Project Budget
  • Curriculum Vitae (for the person in charge of study, joint researcher(s))
  • Documents that verifies the project manager’s incumbency in his/her institution

All applications should be submitted via e-mail by the advertised date to e-mail: asiaforum@postf.org

  • Once submitted, applications can not be modified or returned.
  • Application forms also can be downloaded from http://www.postf.org/2010/eng/application/asiapro.jsp

Contacts for any inquiries on applications are:
Program Manager : Yun-Young Jeong (Mr.), POSCO TJ Park Foundation
Telephone: +82-2-562-1740 / e-mail: asiaforum@postf.org

Matters for caution in working out a research grants application and a research plan

  • Both independent and joint studies on subjects are possible for application.
  • The project team members who are the recipients of research grants from other research funding institutions on a certain research topic are not allowed to apply for grants or participate in the projects of the Research Grant Program with the same topic.
  • All applications and research papers should be written in English (MS word only).
  • Application for research grants should be made in the designated form.
  • A research plan should be mapped out after referring to attached file. There is no specific form, but all clarified items should be included as possible.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

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