Postdoctoral in Oral Drug Formulation and Bioavailability Assessment, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

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The University of Southern Denmark, Department of Physics & Chemistry offers a position for a postdoctoral researcher for two years in order to develop in-vitro methodologies for quantitative assessment of the interplay between drug formulations and drug permeability over biological barriers. The applicant is expected to start 1 May 2010 or as soon as possible.

Work area and tasks
The work will involve three main topics:

  1. Quantification of drug permeability by in-vitro models
  2. Scaling impacts of formulations on drug permeability
  3. Evaluation of the mechanism of action of selected permeation enhancers

You will join the newly established drug transport and delivery research team and work in collaboration with researchers within membrane biophysics and clinical pharmacology at SDU.

You are expected to have a PhD degree within pharmaceutical sciences and to document experience within several of the following topics:

  • Solid state analysis of drug compounds and/or formulations by WAXS, DSC, NIR
  • Manufacture, in-process control and biopharmaceutical assessment of oral dosage forms
  • Formulation of poorly soluble drugs
  • Characterization of sub-micron particles, preferably by Flow Field-Flow Fractionation and/or Multi-Angle Laser Light Scattering
  • In-vitro permeability testing by Caco-2, PAMPA or other models

Deadline: 9 April 2010 at 12 o’clock noon.

See the full call, including how to apply, on


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