Postdoctoral Position, Department of Biological Chemistry, UCLA School of Medicine, USA

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A postdoctoral position is available for studying the mechanisms of mitochondrial fission and fusion in the lab of Alexander van der Bliek in the Department of Biological Chemistry, UCLA School of Medicine. Our lab was among the first to discover the role of dynamin-related proteins in mitochondrial fission and has more recently shown that mitochondrial fusion proteins are regulated by complex patterns of proteolysis. Mitochondrial fission and fusion proteins are intimately connected with apoptosis and with a host of neurodegenerative diseases, such as eye diseases and Parkinsons disease. For more information see our website at

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with a PhD in cellular and molecular biology. To apply, please send a current cv with the names of three references and a brief summary of past accomplishments to Dr. Alexander van der Bliek, email: avan[at]

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

One comment on “Postdoctoral Position, Department of Biological Chemistry, UCLA School of Medicine, USA

  1. Dear professor,

    I am writing this letter to enquire about a possible postdoctoral
    position within your research group. I have completed my research work
    in the area of organic chemistry, under the supervision of Dr. V.V
    Narayana Reddy, ex-Deputy Director, and Head of the Division,
    Organic-II. Division, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology During
    the course of my Ph.D. (thesis entitled “Total Synthesis of (+)
    Sedamine and development of new synthetic methodologies”). During Ph.D
    programme I had Synthesized (+) Sedamin in a linear approach in very
    short route with easily available starting materials which is 1,5
    pentanediol. Moreover I developed A new qeuaternary ammonium bromide
    catalyst is synthesized and used for various organic transformations
    such as Biginelli reaction, α-aminophosohonates , Hantz’s synthesis,
    benzimidazole, and quinoline derivatives. A Novel synthetic method
    catalyzed by ZrCl4 for synthesis of 1,5- benzodiazepines has been
    developed After completion of my Ph.D I had joined in Cipla Bangalore
    as Research Scientist. During this period we developed new synthetic
    route for Lapatanib, which used for the treatment for cancer. Later I
    moved to Neuland laboratory to further carrier growth where I worked
    on Dapiprazole and Contract research Projects. I have a
    profoundinterest in synthetic organic chemistry, eagerly looking
    forward foran opportunity to further enhance my knowledge and abilities.
    After having a brief exposure in research and Industry activities, I
    decided to write to you seeking a postdoctoral position in your active
    research group. I am highly confident that I can take up any
    challenging problem in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. In
    throughout my stay at IICT, Cipla and Neuland Laboratories, I have
    worked in interdisciplinary and gained sufficient knowledge in
    asymmetric synthesis and NMR techniques that boosts my strong
    synthetic organic chemistry background. I always like to work in a
    team of highly motivated and dedicated research workers. Iam enclosing
    herewith my curriculum vitae as an attachment file (Rosireddy) for
    your consideration.
    I am extremely confident that I would prove my selection worthwhile
    with my research abilities.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon,

    With high regards
    (Kesam Reddy Rosireddy)


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