Postgraduate Scholarship in Fashion Design and Management Program, IFA Paris, France

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IFA Paris is pleased to announce the launch of two scholarships for our innovative Postgraduate in Fashion Design and Management program. The first scholarship will cover the entire fee for the one-year intensive, at 12,800 Euros, while the second will cover half a year of fees, at 6,400 Euros. This marks IFA Paris’ first scholarship open to non-IFA Bachelor students for its coveted postgraduate program, adding to its existing Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology.

IFA Paris’ newest bursary offers lucky recipients monetary support to study in fashion’s birthplace, also voted 2012’s Best City Student City in the World by QS, beating traditionally high-ranking winners, London (second) and Boston (third). Based competitively in the heart of the 10th arrondissement, alongside the increasingly trendy textiles district and Jean-Paul Gaultier’s atelier, our Paris school positions it’s aspiring entrepreneurs in an environment that fosters success. Home to an elite roster of longstanding fashion houses such as Chanel, YSL, Lanvin and Louis Vuitton, and the Chambre Syndicale’s biannual haute couture week, the city undoubtedly dominates the global fashion and luxury market, and continues to thrive as world’s fashion capital.

IFA Paris’ multidisciplinary program in Fashion Design and Management provides graduates with a skill set that extends beyond the basic semantics of sketching and constructing garments to meet the growing needs of the current global fashion economy. With an international roster of instructors, composed solely of industry professionals, the postgraduate program covers an in-depth survey of fashion design and production processes taught entirely in English. Courses include fashion concept research, methodology & structure of a fashion collection, textile industry and production, marketing communication, branding, merchandising and retail, and consumer psychology, and other related modules.

This program offers the best option for design graduates who wish to experience the benefits of a leading fashion capital, while honing their design skills and gaining a professional business perspective to succeed internationally in the role of a design team leader or creative director. The current role of a designer has changed drastically in today’s market, and this program ensures that graduates leave with a holistic understanding of the cultural, industrial and market forces that shape the fashion industry today.

Prospective applicants must meet the following credentials to apply: each student must have completed a Bachelor in Fashion Design or the equivalent university education in fashion design, an IELTS above 6.o or TOEFL above 600 (Native English speakers exempt). Scholarship applicants must also complete a creative and luxury Women’s Collection file on the theme ‘East Meets West,’ including two pages of research and an explanation behind the inspiration, a synthesis mood board, a color page and fabrics, 15 silhouettes and flat drawings, and a technical file of one silhouette. In addition to the application package, contestants must submit a cover letter of a minimum of 1000 words a complete an online admissions exam. From there, shortlisted applicants will receive follow up interviews from our scholarship award committee.

IFA Paris looks forward to granting monetary support to this year’s finest creative talent. We can’t wait to see what you have to offer. To get started and receive a scholarship application package, please contact us at: Applications close on July 1st, and winners will be announced July 16th.

For more information, please visit official website:

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  1. Hello my name is Gabriella & I’m really interested & in love with Fashion Design :) i love to design girls outfits & dresses, & i have plenty of them. I’m still on the first grade of high school but i really want to get into a fashion design scholarship :D what should i do to get a scholarship? please help me to inform & give me some more information about this scholarship & for the next two years when I’m at the third grade of high school to my email :) thank you so much! ♥

  2. hai my name yola, i graduated from high school in 2010 im really love fashion design and i was able to make a dress,, because i’m i’ve been taking a course in fashion design and sewing for 1 year, i got 2 winners in the category of sewing dress. and i had one semester of college with a major in fashion engineering in yogyakarta, and i was through collage. is there any scholarship for diploma to graduate ?but i can’t speak french but i can speak englis just little. my toefl just 403 :’(
    can somebody help me ?? my email is


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