Postgraduate Studentships in Research of Energy, Environment and Health, UK

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The University of the Highlands and Islands invites applications for 12 fully funded postgraduate studentships, to be based at campuses across the UHI Partnership. These studentships are funded by the European Social Fund. The following 16 projects are being offered, from which 12 PhD studentship appointments will be made:

Participatory Mapping of Health Indicators and Services as a Tool for Anticipatory Co-Planning. Supervisors: Dr Sarah-Anne Munoz, Dr Gaener Rodger, Professor Frank Rennie. Centre for Rural Health, Inverness. Contact:

Integrated Land Use: Exploring and Testing Issues Surrounding Farming, Forestry and Energy in the Highlands And Islands. Supervisors: Dr Melanie Smith, Professor Martin Price, Dr Rob Mc Morran. Inverness College. Contact:

Coastal Change and Heritage in Northern Scotland. Supervisors: Dr Jane Downes, Dr Edward Pollard, Dr Steven Timoney. Archaeology Centre, Orkney College. Contact:

The Impact of Diesel Particulate and Other Potentially Hazardous Nanoparticles on Mitochondrial Function, Oxidative Stress and Bioactive Lipids in Cells Important to Cardiovascular Health. Supervisors: Prof Ian Megson, Dr Jan Adamson, Dr Roger Duffin (University of Edinburgh). Department of Diabetes & Cardiovascular Science, Inverness. Contact:

Exploring The Mechanisms of Heart Disease Through Proteome Dynamics. Supervisors: Dr. Mary Doherty, Professor Phillip Whitfield, Dr. Iain Young (University of Liverpool). Department of Diabetes & Cardiovascular Science, Inverness. Contact:

Investigation of Lipid Metabolism in a Cellular Model of Type 2 Diabetes. Supervisors: Professor Phillip Whitfield, Dr. Mary Doherty, Dr. Silvia Mora (University of Liverpool). Lipidomics Research Facility, Department of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Science, Inverness. Contact:

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.

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One comment on “Postgraduate Studentships in Research of Energy, Environment and Health, UK

  1. I’m realy interested in studying environment. Based on the facts that my local government find dificulties in handling rubish/waste. There are plenty of rubish/waste here and there. Mainly the waste from husbandry and agriculture field. Therefore I’m chalenged to overcome this step by step. One litle thing that I’ve been doing is making organic fertilizer to support my hobby, gardening. As a state officer another effort deals with my main task is encoraging my people to be more aware and able to manage their home rubish in properly manner. Can u help me to inform me which field of study that i could major in? Can I ?


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