Research Assistant Position, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

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A three year research position in a project with a clear intention to complete a PhD at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven within four years.

A system for automatic monitoring of human effectiveness on a tugboat (SAFETUG)

Project description and tasks
The port of Antwerp is the 2nd largest port in Europe and the 8th largest container port in the world. Its’ unique position in the centre of Europe along with its speed and reliability make it a popular destination for a large number of cargo ships. Of crucial importance for efficiency and safety in this process is the assistance that tugboats provide to the large cargo ships.

However, there is currently no solution available that can measure online the efficiency of the tug boat captain in performing the boat manoeuvres. In order to reduce the captain performance-related accidents, there is a big need for a system that can identify ineffectiveness of the tug boat crew and act in order to prevent accidents. It is the aim of this project to develop such continuously monitoring and early warning system. The approach will be based on image analysis and analysis of biological responses (such as Heart Rate, Skin Conductance, etc.).

The tasks of the researcher will include setting up of the experiments both in a boat simulator and a real tugboat. Data analysis and mathematical modelling in order to develop models that can be used for monitoring and prediction of the captain’s performance in terms of concentration, sleepiness and stress (human effectiveness).

The research will be conducted in close collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel and two industrial partners, an established tugboat operator and a young, high-tech university spin-off.

Candidate profile
The candidate must have a master’s or equivalent degree in (bio-) engineering (electrical, computer, civil, mechanical, bio-mechanics, medical technology etc.), physics, mathematics or other relevant field.

The candidate should be willing to obtain a PhD degree in the field of bio-engineering. Reporting the project results in international peer reviewed journals is a major task.

The candidate must be able to speak and write English.

Working knowledge of MATLAB, experiences in image processing and / or mathematical modelling are an advantage.

For more information and application instructions, the candidates are requested to send a CV to Dr. Vasileios Exadaktylos, Division M3-BIORESm Faculty of Bio-Engineering, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Tel. +32-16-32.17.30, email.[at]


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