Research Assistantships for PhD Students in Civil Engineering, University of Coimbra, Portugal

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The Structural Concrete group of the Institute for Sustainability and Innovation in Structural Engineering ( was awarded a research grant on “ISS – Intelligent Super Skin. Enhanced Durability for Concrete Members”, funded by FCT – the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, aimed at significantly improve the durability of concrete structures.

The ISS research project is organized in three sub?projects, each one with self?contained objectives, but linked by strong synergies: (1) development of an ultra?high durability concrete (UHDC) with self?sensor properties; (2) mechanical characterization of the interface between this new UHDC and a normal concrete substrate, including the proposal of a modified shear?friction design expression for this type of connections; (3) implementation of a 3D modelling of quasi?brittle fracture of concrete using an embedded discrete crack approach based on an existing 2D finite?element code. A PhD research assistanship (RA) will be attributed to each of these sub?projects.

Candidates for the PhD RA will need to have an MSc in Civil Engineering (Structures or Construction) and the needed background and motivation in one of the following fields: (1) concrete mixture design; (2) structural concrete; (3) finite?element programming. In addition, candidates need to be fluent in English. Grants of 1000 € per month will be attributed for 12 months periods, renewed up to 36 months. PhD students will be encouraged to participate in a specialized consultancy work per year, in order to support the PhD tuition fee.

The research project will be developed at the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Applicants should send by email (ejulio[at], until February 28, 2010, their Curriculum Vitae and a personal research statement letter addressed to Professor Eduardo S. Júlio, University of Coimbra, Portugal.

The University of Coimbra ( was founded in 1290 and is one of the oldest universities in the world. In contrast, the Civil Engineering Department of the University of Coimbra was created in 1972. It is located in a new campus (Polo II) of the university and it has a young and active staff of around 70 people and approximately 1500 students. In this new campus there are accommodations and restaurants for the students at very low prices.

Coimbra is a city with approximately 150.000 inhabitants located 120km South of Porto and 190km North of Lisbon. It has a very rich history, starting before the Romans when the city was called Aeminium. Tradition is linked with the university being the serenata monumental the highest moment of the year when the fado is sang at the XII century cathedral stairs. An interesting cultural and social life takes place at the streets of the historical centre of Coimbra.

Surroundings of Coimbra are extremely beautiful and diverse. Figueira da Foz beach is only 40km away. Lisboa and Porto are both connected by high?way, train and bus. Algarve, the South coast of Portugal, known for its breathtaking beaches and wonderful climate is also connected by high?way, being 5 hours away by train.

Closing date: February 28, 2010

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the above information is current and correct. However, applicants should contact the appropriate administering body before making an application, as details do change frequently.


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